About Me

Dr. Michael J. A. Wohl


Department of Psychology

Carleton University

1125 Colonel By Drive

Ottawa, ON., CANADA

K1S 5B6

Office: 314H SSRB

Phone: 613.520.2600 x 2908

Fax: 613.520.3667


Current research

  1. -Collective Angst

  2. -Prejudice

  3. -Apologies/ Forgiveness

  4. -Craving

  5. -Responsible Gambling

  6. -Barriers to Change

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Conflict Resolution Lab

Gambling Lab


Broadly, I have two independent lines of research:

1.Conflict Resolution: This line of work focuses on the causes and consequences of harmdoing at both the interpersonal (one person transgressing against another) and intergroup level (historical and contemporary harm experienced by members of one group at the hands of another group). This research examines, among other things, the emotional reaction that stems from harming or being harmed (e.g., angst, guilt) and their effects on psychological and physical health. Ultimately, this work is oriented toward seeking means for forgiveness and reconciliation.

2.Disordered Gambling: This line of work focuses on the factors that contribute to problematic gambling behaviour and refusal to seek treatment. The majority of this research examines erroneous cognitions (e.g., perceptions of luck), craving, emotions (shame, nostalgia), and individual differences (e.g., implicit theories) as predictors of continued gambling behaviour. Ultimately, this work is oriented toward motivating responsible gambling behaviour among recreational and at-risk gamblers and treatment seeking among disordered gamblers. 

Funding for my research has come from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre, Manitoba Gambling Research Program, Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, National Center for Responsible Gambling, and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.