List of Contributors iii

Preface v

Chapter 1 7

Introduction: The Dennettian Stance

Don Ross

Chapter 2 31

Daniel Dennett's Views on the Power and Pervasiveness of Natural Selection: An Evolutionary Biologist's Account

Timothy Crowe

Chapter 3 42

Good Tricks and Forced Moves, or, The Antinomy of Natural Reason

Paul Dumouchel

Chapter 4 55

Reading Mother Nature's Mind

Ruth Garrett Millikan

Chapter 5 74

Indeterminacy and Realism

Timothy Kenyon

Chapter 6 90

Real Patterns and Surface Metaphysics

William Seager

Chapter 7 123

Where do Dennett's Stances Stand?: Explaining Our Kinds of Minds

Christopher Viger

Chapter 8 136

Rainforest Realism: A Dennettian Theory of Existence

Don Ross

Chapter 9 155

Popping the Thought Balloon

Dan Lloyd

Chapter 10 181

Phenomenology and Heterophenomenology: Husserl and Dennett on Reality and Science

David Thompson

Chapter 11 199

Judgements and Drafts Eight Years Later

Andrew Brook

Chapter 12 236

Zombies Explained

Thomas Polger

Chapter 13 261

Content, Interpretation and Consciousness

David Rosenthal

Chapter 14 280

Fitting the Facts Against Greed for the Good

T. Brian Mooney

Chapter 15 296

With A Little Help From My Friends

Daniel C. Dennett

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