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Web Resources

           The WWW (World Wide Web) offers an astonishing array of resources and information concerning philosophy, cognitive science, and the relationship between two. For example, most of the great works of philosophy are available to be downloaded and most of the leading figures currently working include some of their recent papers on their web page for downloading. All this is free. In order to introduce you to these Web resources, I have put together a sample of some of the most interesting sites.

As the Table of Contents indicates, there are generel reference sites, sites on a few individual topics of particular interest, Departmental home pages, sites evaluating graduate programmes, some individual philosophers' sites of special interest, and a few humorous sites (check out Philosophical Comics!!).

Often these sites will lead you on to other sites -- which will lead you on the still other sites -- and so on. There are so many interesting sites that the only limitation is your own interest -- and time: surfing the Web gobbles up time! Here we go!

Table of Contents

[Click name to go to section. NB: In all cases, the lists that follow are incomplete, indeed at most a tiny fraction of what is out there. They are just representative samples to get you going.]

 0. New (since page created)

 1. Main Reference Sources
 1.1 Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Resources, Search Engines
 1.2 E-publications and E-texts

 2. Philosophy
 2.1 Useful Philosophy Sites
 2.2 Consciousness
2.3 Persons and Free Will
2.4 Kant
2.5 About Individual Philosophers
 2.6 Philosophy Dept's and Programmes
 2.7 Individual Contemporary Philosophers
 2.8 Philosophy Associations and Societies
 2.9 Other

 3. Cognitive Science
 3.1 Useful Cognitive Science Sites
 3.2 Cognitive Science Centres and Programmes
 3.3 Centres outside USA and Canada
 3.4 Cognitive Science Societies
 3.5 Student Sites
 3.6 Other

 5. Neuroscience Sites

 4. Publishers


  New entries that we came across after the list was prepared.

Main Reference Resources (CLICK ON NAME TO GO TO SITE)

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Resources, Search Engines

Episteme Links (easy access to resources in philosophy, categorized by philosopher; they also have lists by topics and lots of other goodies!!!)
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Huge collection of interesting and important sites)
THE MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences (Only abstracts are online; full text is in the Library)
University of Alberta Cognitive Science Dictionary
Mind/Brain Resources (Valerie Hardcastle's site. Links to software and many other things)
Hippias: Search of Philosophy on/by Women
Noesis: Philosophical research online
Lycos List of Best Philosophy Sites/Search Engines
BIG Search Engine Index
Internet Resources Outside the Library of Congress (list of reference sites maintained by the Library of Congress)

E-publications and E-texts

The Philosophers' Web Magazine (The Philosophers' Magazine on paper)
The International Directory of On-line Philosophy Papers  (Steve Palmquist)
Behavioral & Brain Sciences (BBS) Preprint Archive
Brain & Mind Magazine
Noetica: A Cognitive Science Forum
Centre for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
UMI: Online Dissertation Services
Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE

[There are lists of e-texts and directories of lists of e-texts in many places, including the Bryn Mawr Library site. The American Philosophical Association site is a good place to start.]


Useful Philosophy Sites

David Chalmers' Home Page (amazing phil of mind/consciousness bibliography)
Philosophy at large (Stephen Clark; great-looking, up-to-date portal)
*new* Bibliography of Cognitive Science and Ethics (more books and links than you can shake a stick at :)
Philosophy in Cyberspace (gorgeous portal, but last updated in 1998)
Philosophy of Action Bibliography (try this if you need a headache)
Swif Bibliography (list of bibliographies in various areas of philosophy - An Italian project)
Philosophy Research Centre, Hertfordshire
Philosophy Resources, Valdosta Univ.
Philosophical Midwifery Homepage
The Tree of Philosophy (Steve Palmquist; well-integrated and well-presented, deep introductory course)
Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography
Serendip Site, Bryn Mawr (Great Site. Check out "Mind and Brain: From Descartes to James",
            in the Guest Exhibitions section. Neat pix of Descartes and James)
SWIF Philosphy of Mind Site (Extensive, up-to-date and interesting. Large number of links to individual
            philosophers. Check out the home site on which this page occurs. Now includes some philosophy software)
The Gourmet Guide to Phil Grad Programmes (famous Leiter guide to graduate programmes in philosophy.)
Philosophy Links (over 200 selected links to philosophy websites. In categories like reference, philosophers, online texts, essays, journals and philosophy branches.)


Consciousness and Cognition
Journal of Consciousness Studies
Consciousness Studies, U. of Arizona
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Consciousness and the Brain (Annotated Bibliography by Ellis)
Brain Project, Australia
Archives of PSYCHE-D
Gregg Rosenberg: His Book on Consciousness
Implicit Cognition
David Chalmers' Online papers on consciousness
Gregory Sommerhoff on Consciousness
Dialogs on Consciousness: Web-based Course

Persons and Free Will

David Chalmers' Home Page (amazing philosophy of mind/consciousness bibliography)
Shaun Gallagher (persons and self bibliography)


Immanuel Kant - Information Online (excellent site in Germany)
Steve Palmquist's Home Page  (links to virtually every other Kant site)
Richard Lee, Ark. (lots of good links to other Kant sites)
Kant /Wesley
AndrewCarpenter's Kant Page
Philosophers: Immanuel Kant

A Few Sites about Other Great, Dead Philosophers

The Hume Archives
Bentham (UCL, London)
The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen
A Visual Concordance to the Published Wittgenstein

Some Philosophy Departments and Programmes

Philosophy at NYU (lots of useful further links)
Department of Philosophy, York University
Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary
The Hopkins Philosophy Pages
Wesleyan University Philosophy Department
Philosophy at Univ. of Southern Louisiana
Yale Philosophy Department: Faculty
Department of Philosophy, Bochum (Abbreviationes - one of their projects)
Polish Philosophy Home Page

Individual Contemporary Philosophers' Sites

Steve Palmquist's Home Page  (many, many links to other sites)
Dennett, Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts
Patricia S. Churchland, UCSD
William Bechtel's Home Page
David Chalmers' Home Page (amazing phil of mind/consciousness bibliography)
Anthony Beaver, Evansville (Noesis; interesting course materials)
John Perry
Stephen Clark's Home page
David Large's Home Page
Andy Carpenter's Home Page
Chris Eliasmith, PNP programme, Univ. of Wash. St. Louis
Shaun Gallagher; Person and self bibliography
Istvan Berkeley, USL (the page for Philosophy and Cognition contains links to neural
            network software packages that can be downloaded)

Philosophy Associations and Societies

Association Canadienne de Philosophie/Canadian Philosophical Association
The American Philosophical Association
(APA Member E-mail Addresses) - accessible if you're a member
Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SSPP)
US Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP)
Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (C-SWIP)
Canadian Group, North American Kant Society
Cheiron: The International Society for the History of the Social and Behavioral Sciences
The Philopsychy Society
North American Society for Social Philosophy
Society for Exact Philosophy Home Page


Gourmet Guide to US and Some Other Grad Programmes in Phil (Leiter Guide)
Philosophical Comics (some of these comix are wonderful)
Dennett's Philosophical Lexicon (hilarious 'definitions' of well-known philosophers' names)
Philosopher's gallery
Information Ethics: On the Philosophical Foundation of Computer Ethics
The Postmodernism Generator
"Philosophy as a Blood Sport", by Norman Swartz, Dept. of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University
Univ. of Southern Louisiana Ph.D. in Cognitive Science
Forestlinks (environmental ethics)
The MoJo Wire--Interactive Exposés and Politics

Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science Centres and Programmes

Carleton Ph.D. Programme in Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science, UC San Diego
Computational Epistemology Lab, U of Waterloo (Thagard)
Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts (Dennett)
Cognitive Science at Georgia Tech
Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences at Brown University
Stanford Psych/CogSci
*new* Center for the study of Language and Information (Stanford)
Univ. of Alberta Biological Computation Lab
Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Univ. of Rochester
CogSci News, Lehigh Univ.
Unviersity of Sheffield Natural Language Processing

Centres Outside USA and Canada

Centre for Cognitive Science, Univ. of Edinburgh (One of the two best in the UK)
Univ of Sussex Cognitive and Computer Studies (One of the two best in the UK
Cogsci Society (Japan)
Cogsci in Netherlands
ASoCS - Austrian Society for Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science Societies

Cognitive Science Society

Student Sites

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Student's Association, U of Toronto

Useful Cognitive Science Sites not otherwise classified

CogNet(major new service from MIT Press)
Cog Sci Resource Centre, Essex (exceptionally good listing of programmes by country, resources, etc.)
The Cog Shop
Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, Cognition: Science, Philosophy & History.
ATT-Metaphor Project: Mental Metaphors
Institute for Psychological Study of the Arts (IPSA)
Literature, Cognition & the Brain
Affective Computing (Rosalind W. Picard)
Cycorp, Inc.
Edge - CogSci Dialogues (Interviews and Dialogues with many of the biggest names: Dennett,
            Dawkins, Pinker, Minsky, ...)

Neuroscience sites

*new* ShuffleBrain (philosophical neuroscience subjects)
*new* Society for Neurosciences (home of the Journal of Neuroscience; very well maintained portal for brain studies) *excellent*
*new* Neurosciences on the Internet (HUGE multinational portal)
*new* Harvard's Whole Brain Atlas (methodologies, structures, function, they have it all)
*new* USC's Brain Project (extends the above atlas with neurophysiological data, computer modeling and more) *excellent*
*new* The Mouse Brain Library (a simpler case of a survivor species' central nervous system :)

Applied Neuroscience

The BrainTainment Center
*new* Educating Baby (got kids? here's a resource for research and results in developmental neuropsych)


MIT Press
Cambridge University Press
Blackwell Publisher Showcase - Journals
Sage Home Page
University of Chicago Press Online
The Wadsworth Philosophy Shoppe
List originally created by Andrew Brook Latest update: Radu Luchianov, June 2001.

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