Self-Reference and Self-Awareness

Ed. Andrew Brook and Richard DeVidi

Table of Contents

Andrew Brook, Kant, Self-Reference and Self-Awareness

Richard DeVidi, Frege and the First Person

Castañeda, Hector-N. 'He': A study in the logic of self-consciousness.

Sydney Shoemaker, Self-reference and self-awareness.

Gareth Evans, Varieties of Reference Ch. 7

John Perry, The problem of the essential indexical.

Ruth Millikan, The Myth of the Mental Indexical.

Maita Ezcurdia, Thinking About Myself

Melinda Hogan and Robert Martin, Introspective Misidentification: An I for an I

Peacocke, C. First-person Reference, Representational Independence, and Self-knowledge(1)

William Seager, The Constructed and the Secret Self