Andrea was born and raised in Bathurst, a small town in northern New Brunswick and left at 17 to take up creative writing with W.O. Mitchell at York University. One political theory course at York convinced her to pursue political interests first and creative writing second, a dialectical tension between politics and writing that continues to frame her professional life. Her academic degrees are: a BA Honors in Political Science (York); an MA in International Development (Carleton); and a PHD in Social & Political Sciences (at Cambridge University on a Commonwealth Scholarship and a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Scholarship). After completing her PhD, she took up a SSHRC post-doctoral fellowship at Cambridge University. Her teaching jobs have included being a lecturer at Cambridge, an Assistant Professor at Saint Mary’s, and she has been at Carleton since 1998, currently as Associate Professor.

Throughout the 1980’s, she worked in South America, mainly as a gender and development consultant in water supply and sanitation projects for nearly 6 years in 11 countries in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean with varied NGO’s (e.g. Pueblito Canada, CARE Canada) and with UNICEF, the UNDP, and CIDA. Working as a participatory research facilitator, she utilized creative, visual, and interactive techniques aimed at facilitating women’s active involvement and leadership in water supply and sanitation projects. This work sowed the seeds for her academic interests in women’s work, and epistemological issues around issues of subjectivity, voice, and who constructs knowledges and how.

See: Survival Strategies in the Andean Countries
Andrea Doucet, IDRC Reports, October 1986

Andrea has received several research honors in the past few years, notably a Carleton University Research Achievement Award (2008), the SSHRC Therese Cagrain Research Fellowship (2007), a Visiting Research Fellowship (2005-06) at London Southbank University (jointly funded the Economic and Social Research Council (UK) & the Social Science Research Council (USA), and the Carleton University Marston LaFrance Fellowship (2002). She is the author nearly three-dozen articles and book chapters on gender equalities and differences, fathering, mothering, gender and domestic life, and she writes collaboratively with Dr. Natasha Mauthner (University of Aberdeen) on issues of reflexivity, knowing, methodologies and epistemologies.

Recently, she is returning to her long-standing interests in creative writing and Canadian fiction. As co-director of the refurbished Duncombe Studio for Social and Cultural Research, she is exploring more fully the sociology of literature while also experimenting with more creative forms of disseminating academic research.

In addition to her academic persona, Andrea is a mother of three teenagers, reads loads of fiction (mainly contemporary Canadian novelists and short stories), while always trying to stay active. She is a keen basketball and soccer fan (mainly of her daughters and the Carleton Ravens), has run (slowly) a few half-marathons, and has a vague memory of playing varsity basketball for York University a quarter-century ago.


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