My research interests are encapsulated in four distinct areas:

(i) Contributing to theoretical and empirical understandings of: care work, relations between paid and unpaid work, mothering and fathering, relations between changing labour markets and gender divisions of labour; the evolving field of the sociology of personal life; cross-generational work and care; consumption and care;
(ii) Exploring epistemological, methodological and ethical issues involving in attempting to know and represent the narratives of others;
(iii) International comparative social policies, especially parental leave;
(iv) Drawing substantive and theoretical links between sociology, narrative, fiction and creative non-fiction.

For many years, the empirical terrain of my work has focused on attempting to know and write about the ordinary and extraordinary lives of women and men, and their everyday processes of balancing caring and earning. More precisely, I have sought to make empirical and theoretical sense of issues of: the changing relations between paid and unpaid work; the community as an institutional areana; relationality, responsibility and autonomy; household work strategies; embodiment in diverse sites, spaces and times; masculinities and femininities; care and justice; and intersections between gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality and age. My most recent interests are in: issues of care, work, and consumption; everyday consumption practices and environmental issues; time (historical, generational, biographical); social interventions that improve fathers and mothers’ health; narrative analysis; the links between fiction and sociology; theorizing subjectivities and emotions; and reflexive sociology. One of my goals is to write sociology that is critical, accessible, and that moves people in a small fraction of the way that an Alice Munro short story moves me.

Selected Publications


Books in Progress

  • A Guide through Qualitative Analysis: Listening, Seeing and Reading Narrative Data (under contract with Sage Publications, London with delivery date of July 2011) (with Natasha Mauthner).
  • Bread and Roses and the Kitchen Sink: Canadian and American Breadwinning Moms in the 21st Century.

Journal Articles

  • Doucet, A. (2009) “Dad and Baby in the First Year: Gendered Embodiment”, The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences. 624, 1: 78-98.
  • Doucet, A. (2009) “Gender Equality and Gender Differences: Parenting, Habitus and Embodiment”, Canadian Review of Sociology, 48 (2), 99-117.
  • Mauthner, N.S. and Doucet, A. (2008) "'Knowledge once divided can be hard to put together again': an epistemological critique of collaborative and team-based research practices”. Sociology, 42(5): 955-969.
  • Doucet, A. (2008) “‘On the Other Side of (her) Gossamer Wall” Reflexive and Relational Knowing,” Qualitative Sociology, 31: 73-87.
  • Doucet, A. and Mauthner, N.S. (2008) “What can be Known and How? Narrated Subjects and the Listening Guide”. Qualitative Research.
  • Doucet, A. and Merla L. (2007) “Stay-at Home-Fathering: A Strategy for Balancing Work and Home in Canadian and Belgian Families”. Community, Work and Family. 10(4): 453-471.
  • Doucet, A. (2006) “‘Estrogen-filled worlds’: Fathers as primary caregivers and embodiment”. The Sociological Review, 24(4): 695-715.

Refereed Chapters in Edited Books (Published and In press/accepted):

  • McKay, L. Marshall, K and Doucet, A. (in press, 2011) “Fathers and Parental Leave in Canada: Policies, Practices and Potential” in Jessica Ball and Kerry Daly (eds). Engaging Fathers in Social Change: Lessons from Canada, Vancouver: UBC Press.
  • Doucet, A and Hawkins, L (in press, 2011) “Feminist Mothers Researching Fathering: Advocates, Contributors, and Dissenters” in Jessica Ball and Kerry Daly (eds). Engaging Fathers in Social Change: Lessons from Canada, Vancouver: UBC Press.
  • Doucet, A. (forthcoming, 2011)“‘’It’s not good for a man to be interested in other people’s children’: Fathers and public displays of care” in Esther Dermott and Julie Seymour (Eds). Displaying Family: New Theoretical Directions in Family and Intimate Life. London: Palgrave MacMillan.
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  • Doucet, A. (in press, 2010) “What impedes fathers’ Participation in care Work: Theorizing the Community as an Institutional Arena. In Catherine Krull and Justyna Sempruch (Eds). Demystifying the Family/Work Contradiction: Challenges and Possibilities. Vancouver: UBC Press.
  • Doucet, A. (in press, 2010) “Taking Off the Maternal Lens: Engaging with Sara Ruddick on Men and Mothering” in Andrea O’Reilly (Ed.) Mothering: Agency Experience and Institution. Irvington, NY: Columbia University Press.
  • Doucet, A (in press, 2010) Paid and Unpaid Work: Linking Households, Workplaces, the State, and Communities. In David Cheal (Ed.) New Canadian Families (second edition) Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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  • Doucet, A. (2010) “Fathers and Emotional Responsibility” in Andrew J. Cherlin (Ed). Public and Private Families: A Reader. Berkshire, UK: McGraw Hill.
  • Doucet, A. McKay, L. and Tremblay, D-G. (2009) “Parental Leave Policy in Canada” in Peter Moss and Sheila Kammerman (Eds.) The Politics of Parental Leave Policies: Children, Parenting, Gender and the Labour Market. Bristol, UK: Policy Press; pp. 31-48.
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Policy Publications on Canadian Parental Leave

  • Doucet, A. and Tremblay, D.G. (2008) “Leave Policy and Research: Canada” in P. Moss (Ed). International Review of Leave Policies and Related Research (3rd edition, revised) London: Employment Relations Research (I am first author, 75%). Pp. 153-164.
  • Doucet, A. and Tremblay, D.G. (2007) “Leave Policy and Research: Canada” in P. Moss (Ed). International Review of Leave Policies and Related Research (3rd edition, revised) London: Department of Trade and Industry Research Series). (I am first author, 75%); pp. 135-144.
  • Doucet, A. and Tremblay, D.G. (2006) “Leave Policy and Research: Canada” in P. Moss and M. O’Brien (Eds.). International Review of Leave Policies and Related Research (2nd edition) London: Department of Trade and Industry. (I am first author, 75%). Pp. 122- 133.
  • Doucet, A. and Tremblay, D.G. (2005) Canada’s Leave Policies in F. Deven, and P. Moss (Eds.). Leave Polices and Research: Overviews and Country Notes. Brussels: Centre for Population and Family Studies (CBGS). (I am first author, 75% contribution). Pp. 119-128.

Current research projects

  • Principal Investigator, SSHRC Standard Research Grant, "Gendered generations: Work, Care and Consumption", affiliated with the UK network Timescapes (co-directors Janet Holland and Bren Neale); International collaborators: Janet Holland, Julia Brannen, Natasha Mauthner (2008-2012)
  • Co-Investigator, Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) grant, "Support for Fathers Affected by Postpartum Depression", with Principal Investigator Nicole Letourneau (2008-2010)
  • Principal Investigator, Thérèse F. Casgrain Fellowship, "Gender, Earning and Caring: What Supports Primary Breadwinning Mothers?", with Research Assistant Karen Foster (2008-2009, $40,000)
  • Principal Investigator, SSHRC Standard Research Grant: "Balancing Cash and Care: Fathers’ Use of Parental Leave in Canada", with Research Assistant Lindsey McKay (2003-2008, $50,000)
  • Principal Investigator, Carleton University Research Achievement Award Fellowship, "Grief Observed: Literary and Social Science Explorations of Gender and Grief"
  • Co-investigator, SSSHC-funded CURA (Community–University Research Alliance) grant: Fatherhood Involvement Research Alliance, with Principal Investigator Kerry Daly and Research Assistants Mike Graydon and Oren Howlett (2004-2008, $999,959)

Completed research projects

  • Conference grant, “Fathering across Diversity and Adversity: international Perspectives and Policy Interventions.” Funded by The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Co-applicants were Frank F. Furstenberg and Rosalind Edwards (2006-2008).
  • Visiting Fellow, London ( UK ) South Bank University (Families & Social Capital Group). Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC-UK) & the Social Science Research Council (SSRC-USA) (2005-2006).
  • Principal Investigator, SSHRC Standard Research Grant: “Canadian Fathers as Primary Caregivers” (1998-2002), $37,200.

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