Over the past fifteen years Andrea has taught a variety of courses, including undergraduate courses in gender, the family, masculinities, and qualitative methods and graduate courses in qualitative methodologies and feminist approaches to methodology and epistemology. She is currently developing a course in narrative analysis and the sociology of literature. She taught the core Sociology doctoral seminar (Sociology 6000) with Wallace Clement for three years beginning in September 2005 and is also co-facilitating it with Bruce Curtis and Neil Gerlach (2008-09).
Andrea's teaching philosophy is one that incorporates: participatory pedagogy; learning through building on personal experience and biography; visual technologies; the use of creative medium for grounding and exploring theoretical concepts (such as fiction and popular films); and critical thinking skills. She sees herself, first and foremost, as a facilitator of students’ own personal, critical, and creative learning processes.


Fall/winter 2009
Sociology 6000: Doctoral Seminar (co-facilitated with Neil Gerlach)
Class meets Mondays 11:35-2:25
Office Hours: By appointment
For excellent tips on the PhD career, please see: Les Back (2002) "Dancing and Wrestling with Scholarship: Things to do and things to avoid in a PhD Career," Sociological Research Online, vol. 7, no. 4.


Current PhD Students
Karen Foster (Co-supervisor with Janet Siltanen): “Transitions, Traditions and Transgressions: Investigating the lives of young Nova Scotians”. Completion date: 2011.
Mike Graydon: “(OUT)standing in Their Field: A Qualitative Study of Gays of Ottawa, 1971-1995”. Completion date: 2010.
Joanne Pocock (Co-supervisor with Wallace Clement): “Social Economy and the Quiet Transformation of Voluntarism in Quebec’s Aging English-speaking Communities: A Mixed Methods Study of the Eastern Townships Region”. Completion date: 2010.
Susan Salhany (Co-supervisor with Bruce Curtis): “Governing Symbolic Displays in Northern Ireland: An Analysis of the Parading Ritual and the Regulation of Cultural/Political Signifiers
Tamy Superle: “Pleasure and Fear in the City: Women’s mobility in urban public places
Completed PHD
Lynda Harling Stalker (Co-supervisor with Janet Siltanen): “Crafting Work: Class analysis of Newfoundland Craftspeople”. Defended May 2006. Currently Assistant Professor at St. Francis Xavier University.
PHD Committee Member (Current)
Christian Caron; Kelly Landon; Wayne Miller (Wilfred Laurier University); Lisa Smith; Dale Spencer; Sophie Tamas; Kevin Walby.
Current MA Students
Esther Baum (MA Sociology) “Prenatal Genetic Testing”. Completion date: Spring 2010. 
Sylvie Polk (MA Sociology) “Jobs on the Line: Closing Down the Smith Falls Hershey Chocolate Factory. ”. Completion date: Spring 2008. 
Completed MA
Jill Bucklaschuk (MA Sociology) “Women Doing Gender Down on the Farm: Rural Ideology, Hard Work, and Being Less Feminine and Less Masculine”. Research Essay defended May 2007. 
Jen Budney (MA, Anthropology, co-supervised with Valda Blundell) “Hiding the real under the formal: the secret power of whiteness in Brazilian contemporary art”. Defended January 2003.
Aimee Campeau (MA, Sociology) “Cultivating Gendered Underdeveloped Subjectivities: Tracing the Constitutions of Girlhoods within Mainstream Development Discourse”. Defended September 2006.
Mary Ann Jenkins (MA, Canadian Studies) “An Evaluation of the LEAP Program for Single Mothers in Ontario”. Defended January 2002.
Sarah Marceau (MA, Sociology) “The Feminist Stay-at-Home Mother: Contradiction or Utopia?” Defended September, 2000.
Kelly McDonald (MA, Sociology, co-supervised with Janet Siltanen) “Childcare policy and the division of paid and unpaid labour in Quebec and Canada”. Defended September 2003.
MA Committee Member (Current)
Christopher Longtin; Rebecca Campbell; Anwar Mohammed Hosen; Deborah Connors (St. Paul’s University).
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