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The 10th Anniversary
New Sun Conference on Aboriginal Arts:
Shining Through

Carleton University, Saturday, March 5, 2011


The signature image for the 10th Anniversary New Sun Conference is based on a design for a painted drum that Mike Dangeli, one of this year’s presenters, was commissioned to make for Buffy Saint-Marie in honour of her nomination for the 2009 Juno Awards.

Mike says, “The drum was called Shining Through. It embodies the Nisga’a concept of nłoomsk ts'üü siigyemk which refers to the sacred strength of the sunbeam. It is one of our most important Nisga’a beliefs that we need to walk in the light that the creator provides. It nurtures our soul and strengthens our ability to manage our lives and treat our fellow human beings and the world around us in a positive way. Walking the path outside the light, a path of darkness and negativity, is sometimes easier but in the end it does more damage to us. Some of the most powerful songs we sing are those that remind us that we need to go back to that sacred space, to ‘walk in the light,’ and maintain a positive and healing relationship to ourselves, our world, our universe.”

All my relations,
Allan J. Ryan

A presentation of the New Sun Chair in Aboriginal Art and Culture
with the support of the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences and the New Sun Fund
administered by the Community Foundation of Ottawa .