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The 12th Annual
New Sun Conference on Aboriginal Arts:

Carleton University, Saturday, March 2, 2013
Elder Jim Albert President Runte Dorothy Grant
Dr. Ryan, Q&A Q&A  
Dorothy Grant, with thanks Daniel Heath Justice  
  Tantoo Cardinal  
gourmet luncheon    
  Tantoo amd Dorothy Introducing Lucie Idlout
Lucie Idlout in concert
with Derek Downham
  Gerald McMaster  
  Lucie Idlout  
  New Sun, Q&A Lucie Idlout, hug
Gift Basket draw Gift Basket winner Honouring Tantoo Cardinal

Photography by © New Sun Conference 


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A presentation of the New Sun Chair in Aboriginal Art and Culture
with the support of the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences and the New Sun Fund
administered by the Community Foundation of Ottawa .