Allan J. Ryan Music
(Photo Archive)

Me and my grandmother circa 1957, in Ancaster, Ontario. 'Leapin' Lily', the song I wrote about her after she passed away, is available for free download on my website. The lyrics are there as well. Note the trendy white buck shoes, and (red) shirt interwoven with silver threads. I loved that shirt, although I would have preferred a long sleeved black one. My uncle gave me the Martin 00018 guitar. Lucky me!
AJ with Leapin' Lily circa 1957 CTV W5, 1967 Moffat Trophy for
PM Pierre, 1968
CBC Barris and Company 1968 Ulsterman - CBC Weekend 1969 CBC Man Alive 1971
Toronto Star photo, Grumbles Coffeehouse, 1971 Grumbles Coffeehouse with Don Horburgh and Bill Prosser Honeymoon Darlin' single, 1982
Thoughts of You duet with Elaine Overholt, circa 1982 AJ with Tamara and Jennifer Podemski, Leuven, Belgium, 2005 American Indian Workshop conference, Leuven
Leuven Leuven Leuven
Leuven Leuven Canadian Studies 50th Ann. song, 2007