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Research Theme: Southern Athapaskan (Dene) Migration Patterns
Principal Researcher: Dr. Bryan C. Gordon, Canadian Museum of Civilization
Study  Objective: To discover new evidence of Dene presence throughout a proposed corridor, extending from the Canadian Barrenlands and Prairies to the Four Corners. Initial analysis involves the visual matching of Dene artifacts with similar items located in local museum collections. A further assessment phase will attempt to determine the provenance, or likelihood that such found items were manufactured, carried, or traded toolsets of the Dene people.
Documentation: Historical Research and Hypotheses

SAA 2008 Conference Presentation

Dene Language Assimilation

Proposed Migration Route Map

Dene Artifact Descriptions

Dene Site Characteristics

Canadian Barrenlands Cultures

Late Taltheilei Chitho

Dene Chitho, or hide-smoother
Length: 81.6mm; Thickness: 7.4mm
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