Bar Whetstones & Hammerstones

A whetstone is a long symmetric bifacial tool of abrasive sandstone or schist for sharpening stone and copper tool edges or smoothing their faces. Mainly barlike in plan, some have suspension notches, while round or ovoid ones may have been carried in pouches as they were not easily replaced if lost. All have flat tops and bottoms. Some are retouched, most are plain, and some are striated and very worn.

Barrenlands Whetstone Analysis

A hammerstone is a round or long symmetric pocked cobble or pebble of shock-resistant granite, quartzite or basalt. End or polar pocked ones were likely used directly on cores; side or equatorially pocked ones indirectly used via a striker. Chipewyan hammerstones were replaced by historic metal axes.

Barrenlands Hammerstone Analysis

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