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Johnny Jones, Mt. Currie 1st Nations Cultural Technician collecting AMS samples. View more

Petroglyphs - Dating the Other 95% of Rock Art

. . . Excerpts from SAA Conference paper, Sacramento, California, March 30—April 3, 2011

After dating pictographs in five regions of Canada, the US and Mexico, I chose the West Coast and adjacent Plateau to find Salish art of the same period and culture. I felt this would improve their interpretation and stylistic dating which are subjective. We now have pictograph dates at Lil’Wat near Whistler in British Columbia and the Okanogan in Washington State. Research shows most world art is engraved, so I adapted my method to petroglyphs. As Salish pictographs and petroglyphs are weathering quickly, we enhanced them to show hidden motifs and palimpsests. They suggest different stages of art production occurred, complementing our buried rock art in many levels. Read More: