Welcome to that part of our website covering “The Rise of Chinese Civilization Based on Paddy Rice Agriculture”. Here you will find the earliest and the latest developments in this field to 2010.

We begin with the History of our Project, commencing in 1996 when the Yangtze River started to form a large reservoir behind the ongoing construction of the Three Gorges Dam. We were not involved with the Yangtze Valley above the dam, but were heavily involved with archaeological sites below the dam in Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces. To describe this work, we had a number of Research Resources at our disposal and which may be found under that heading. Our translations in the Dual Paper Databases made us very familiar with the terrain, palaeoclimate and prehistory of the Middle and Lower Yangtze Valley and were needed in preparing my paper of the above title. This paper has hyperlinks that will take you instantly to both the oldest and most recent papers. Further meaning will come if you examine our Photo Galleries.

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