Thousands of years ago in the Old World our ancestors were all hunters, yet the Barrenland peoples remained so because of their harsh environment where farming was impossible. Fortunately, they had plenty of fish and game but were compelled to intercept migrating caribou herds - their most important source for food, skins and bone and antler tools - over broad stretches of tundra and forest.

These hunters left only subtle signs, but we will show you how to recognize them and help you understand how they survived in their harsh environment for 8000 years. We use archaeological, ethnographic and computer techniques that will enable you to better see your place in the nature of things, especially your own ancestry - through the eyes of a Barrenland hunter.

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Bryan Gordon excavating the Migod site KkLn-4, 1974
Photo credit: Staffan Svedberg of Tundrafilm, Sweden

Bryan C. Gordon