Archaeological Gender-Based Spatial Analysis

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We are gathering image records for our website, and are eager to accept additional images that will best illustrate our subject-matter.

Our Contributors ask us to respect their copyright conditions for web publishing, as in other media presentations. Accordingly, all images are duly credited to the Contributor, and the following limitations are imposed upon their reproduction:

You may print any page on our website that may contain these images, but you are not permitted to print or to make a file-copy or screen-capture of an individual image.
Chipewyan GarmentsCopyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
Chipewyan EncampmentsCopyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
Beverly CaribouCopyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
Meat DryingCopyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
Field-WorkCopyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
First PeoplesCopyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
Artifacts Copyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
Trade ItemsCopyrighted Image - Save/Print disabled
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