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Institute of Cognitive Science
Room 2201 Dunton Tower
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa ON  K1S 5B6

Colin Henein
Adjunct research professor
Institute of Cognitive Science

Welcome. As an adjunct research professor at Carleton University, I am an external scholar who is a faculty member in the Institute of Cognitive Science. I am also a member of the Complex and Adaptive Systems Group, based in the School of Computer Science. I hold a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Research Interests

My core area of interest is in modelling of human factors in pedestrian, evacuation, and crowd dynamics. While many fine-grained models of crowds consider reactions and interactions of people to be primarily physical, I believe we can learn more about crowds and build better crowd models by incorporating simple human behaviours into our simulations.

I am also interested in the following topics, with which I have varying degrees of experience. In Artificial Intelligence: Swarm intelligence, Multi-agent simulation, Genetic algorithms, Problem solving, Mental representation, Subsumption and cognitive architectures. In Cognitive Science: Cognitive neuroscience, Theoretical neuroscience, Cognitive psychology.

Currently on the slow-cooker are thoughts about social and pervasive computing on today's mobile devices. I'm interested in ephemeral databases and low-fidelity social interaction.


As part of my appointment I have supervisory privileges for both undergraduate and graduate student research. Options include term projects, honours projects and theses. Interested in working together? Please get in touch and we will see if we are a good match.