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Teaching and Education History

I received my PhD in Political Science from McGill University in 1994. My dissertation, titled "The International Politics of Ethnic Conflict: The Interstate Dimensions of Secession and Irredenta in the Twentieth Century, A Crisis-based Approach" was supervised by Michael Brecher.

I received Doctoral Fellowships from the Department of National Defence (Military and Strategic Studies Programme) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in 1992.   I received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Hoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace, Stanford University in 1993 to 1994.

I have been a Research Fellow with the Institute for South East Asian Studies (Singapore) in 1993, and with NATO (in conjunction with the Royal Society of Canada) from 1993 to 1995. More recently, I have been a Cadieux/Robertson Fellow with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, from 1998-1999.

In 1996, I was a guest lecturer in ethnic conflict management and resolution at the Institute for South European Cooperation and Development, Summer Institute on Cooperation and Identity in the Balkans, American University, Blagoevgrad, BulgariaBetween January 1998 and July 1998, I was on exchange at the International University of Japan as a visiting Professor.

I have been teaching at Carleton University and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs since the fall of 1994. 

For additional information, feel free to consult my Curriculum Vitae.


Here are some Picture of my daughter Madeleine and some of her friends. Click the thumbnails for enlarged images.

Madeleine and Friends (Algonquin Park -- September 1997) Madeleine Photo 1
Madeleine and Friend (IUJ -- March 1998) Madeleine Photo 2

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