David B. Carment, Associate Professor of International Affairs, NPSIA

Indicators for the Caucasus and Central Asia

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Table of Contents

  1. Country Indicators for Foreign Policy

  2. Motivation and Objectives of CIFP

  3. Project Overview

  4. PPT Slide

  5. Countries Covered Today

  6. Three Pillars of Canadian Foreign Policy

  7. Pillar 1: Economic Prosperity

  8. Real GDP per Capita

  9. Real GDP per Capita (excluding Canada and Turkey)

  10. Human Development Index

  11. HDI Rank in 1999

  12. Pillar 2: Global Stability

  13. UNHCR Total Populations of Concern by Country of Asylum/Residence

  14. Minorities at Risk as a Percentage of Total Population

  15. Ethnic Cleavage Score

  16. Defence Expenditure in Millions of US$

  17. Defence Expenditure in Millions of US$ (excluding Canada and Turkey)

  18. Defence Expenditure as a % of GDP

  19. Pillar 3: Canadian Values

  20. Labour Standards

  21. Democracy - Autocracy Index

  22. Democracy - Autocracy Index

  23. Democracy - Autocracy Index

  24. Political Rights

  25. Civil Liberties

  26. Freedom House Rating

  27. Present Goals


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