David B. Carment, Associate Professor of International Affairs, NPSIA

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On-Line Presentations

Re-thinking Intervention, by D. Carment.

Bosnia and Beyond, by D. Carment.

Security in South Asia, by D. Carment.

Country Indicators for Foreign Policy, by Troy Joseph and D. Carment.

Indicators for the Caucases and Central Asia, by D. Carment, Troy Joseph, Alex McKenzie and George Conway. (En franšais.)

On-Line Articles and Papers

Formal Models of Mediation and Intervention: A Stocktaking and Analysis of the Implications for Policy, David Carment and
Dane Rowlands (2004)

The Struggle for Peace: Rethinking Intervention, by David Carment (2004)

Assessing State Failure: Implications for Theory and Policy, by David Carment (2003)

Conflict Prevention in Canada: A Survey of Canadian Conflict Prevention Professionals, by Koren Marriott and David Carment (September 2003)

Creating Conditions for Peace: What Role for the UN and the Regional Actors?, by David Carment; Report of a conference held by the International Peace Academy in association with Wilton Park. England, 1-3 July 2002.

Managing Chaos in the West African Sub-Region: Assessing the Role of ECOMOG in Liberia, by Rasheed Draman and David Carment (2001)

Building Conflict Prevention Capacity: Methods, Experience, Needs, by David Carment and Albrecht Schnabel (2001)

From Rhetoric to Policy: Towards Workable Conflict Prevention at the Regional and Global Levels, by David Carment, Abudul-Rasheed Draman and Albrecht Schnabel(2000)

Conflict Prevention: Naked Emperor, Path to Peace, Grand Illusion or Just Difficult?, by David Carment and Albrecht Schnabel (2000).

Evolutionary Models and Third Party Intervention in Ethnic Conflict, David Carment & Dane Rowlands (1998).

Early Warning and Conflict Prevention: Problems, Pitfalls and Avenues for Success, by D. Carment & Karen Garner (1998).

Escalation of Ethnic Conflict: A Survey and Assessment, by D. Carment & P. James (1997).

Modelling Multilateral Intervention in Ethnic Conflict: A Game Theoretical Approach, by D. Carment & D. Rowlands (1995).

The Future of NATO, by D. Carment (1995).

The International Politics of Ethnic Conflict, by D. Carment & P. James (1994).

For a full list of publications, feel free to consult my Curriculum Vitae.

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