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Up to now, we have tried to describe the services we offer by giving you some idea of our approach and some of the considerations that we take into account when we are involved in community organizing. The question now is What can you do for your village? If the Village Poet were a normal consulting firm we would, at this point, describe the specific services we offer and the price we would charge for these services. Clearly we won't be doing that because a Village Poet must be from their own village. We cannot directly intervene in your village, but we can, if you wish, provide you with answers to your questions via e-mail, at no charge. In order for us to provide you with this service, however please send us $5, Canadian (American money will not be accepted), to register with us. Send to our world headquarters at:

     Village Poet
     30 Burnside St
     Wakefield Quebec J0X 3G0
This will cover our cost to send you to a genuine Village Poet certificate, and entitle you to the exclusive franchise to be a Village Poet in your village. Our only request of you is when you purchase this franchise is that you mail or e-mail at least an annual report to the Village Poet's headquarters in Wakefield so that we can be kept abreast of how you are doing. Of course people who stop being active in their village, and do not send an annual report will automatically loose their exclusive franchise for that village. Good Luck!
Philip Cohen-Village Poet
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