Philip Cohen - Wakefield, Quebec, Canada
Community Organizer

Updated - Dec 23, 2013-New Poetry for 2013.

Village poet is writen with a capital V and a small p to indicate that the village is more important than the poetry.

This year in addition to obtaining the latest update for the Village poet's poetry, you can also obtain a bound internet published copy of a 100 page booklet that the Village poet has had vanity published this year by Amazon (The editor was Mary Montague) called Internal Meanderings. You can obtain copies by going to the following Amazon web address

Amazon Internal Meanderings

The published poetry can be downloaded for a price ($7.50) + shipping and handling ($4/book for one book and $1/book for 100 books). You can also download (for FREE) an unbound copy of this book by going to Free download Internal Meanderings

As a special bonus for 2013 you can download, for free, a blog of my trip to Churchill Manitoba in which I explore the notion of what it is to be a Canadian

Free download Trip to Churchill

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These web pages describes the services and the experience of Wakefield's current Village Poet and the community organizing services offered. It also provides a primer for those interested in being Village Poets themselves and tells you how to obtain an exclusive franchise in your village. You will also find here some examples of the current Wakefield Village Poet's poetry.

City dwellers may also be interested in these pages as many of the community organizing techniques in villages are also applicable to community organizing in urban areas.

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