, an xxx-rated site, is featuring exclusive photos of Jana and Patrice, its most asked about models. The duo are performing oral sex on each other while dressed in cheerleader outfits. The beautiful blond and brunette are also putting pom-pom handles in body parts other than their hands.

There's one catch -- they're doing it for paying members only.

No problem, it's 1 a.m., the best time to visit, a stolen password site. Its list of hacked and traded passwords is updated daily at around midnight.

Today, there are 23 new passwords added to the 289 already verified passes on the list, and luckily enough, a password for is one of them. But there's a suggestion posted by the Webmaster of about this password: "This one is rare . . . and will die fast."

Better hurry, gets approximately 185,000 hits a day, of which, about 70,000 are unique hits. So it shouldn't take long for the folks at to realize the member with the login: darth and password: vader, isn't really in Toronto one minute, San Francisco the next and Syndey, Australia ten minutes later -- it's been stolen or traded.

The Webmaster was right, it's 2:10 a.m. -- one hour after successfully logging in to check-out Jana and Patrice's acrobatic cunnilingus -- and the password is now invalid.

Hmmmm, maybe, just maybe . . . login: luke, password: skywalker. Nope, the advice of Don, a 22-year-old amateur hacker, didn't help much at Don, whose last name is being withheld to protect his anonymity, says cracking passwords for pay adult sites isn't too difficult. Porn sites and adult verification services usually use a pattern for passwords, and once the pattern is figured out, says Don, it can be simple to guess passwords.

But for porn conniseurs who are too busy to sit around guessing, there may be an easier alternative -- learn how to crack passwords in only one day with The Ultimate Adult Site Hacking Manual. For $14.95, purchasers get "over six (in other words seven?) methods of gaining full access to adult sites without paying a thing." As a special promotion, buyers of the manual get a free one-week membership to both Strictly Babes and Sick Hardcore. (Seems a little unnecessary if you own a book promising the secrets of hacking.)

For those who don't want to take up the illegal sport of hacking there are always 'sneakers' and 'traders' posting passwords in chat rooms and sex newsgroups. And for one-stop password borrowing, there are hundreds of sites dedicated to posting ripped-off passwords.

The best three XXX password sites according to the World's Top Sites page are,, and

At sites like these, newly pirated passwords are available everyday for your porno pleasure. But less than 40 per-cent of the passwords on these sites actually end up working, says Harold, a stolen password user.

It's not surprising, the high number of passwords that no longer work after being posted on a site like, considering stolen passwords have been known to travel to more than 400 different people in less than three hours, says SSF, a maker of password protection software.

So where do these passwords come from anyway? It'd be nice to believe all the passwords came from hackers of the world uniting, but it doesn't always work that way.

The thrill of using a stolen password can be quashed if it's discovered a 'stolen' porno password has actually been given to a XXX password site from the porno site itself.

This happens quite often, writes a Webmaster from a well-known XXX stolen password site. Pay adult sites send him passwords and then cancel them after a couple of days in order to bring traffic onto their adult page. It's a marketing trick that leads unsuspecting porn consumers to think that they are being naughty.

And that's not the only way some password sites are in cahoots with pay porno sites.

There are porn sites that actually pay password sites not to post stolen
passwords from their sites. And then there's, which won't post a stolen password from Babylon-X, Love Zoo or Babenet Inc. because they advertise on

This practice makes good business sense, but at the same time, contradicts itself when it writes, "Please work with us. Please inform of dead passes and donate your passes . . . freedom is at hand."

It seems freedom has a price if the porn site you want a password for happens to be a sponsor.

Julie Delaney is soon to be a graduate from the Carleton School of Journalism located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

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