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Ian Lee, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Strategic Management and International Business
Sprott School of Business

Ian Lee, 2002 This website contains a chronological listing of all the employment experiences, research projects and teaching services I have performed. ' The links to the left will take you to important areas as follows:
  • Vita
    My employment history, both in the public and private sector, along with my educational background.

  • Carleton Courses & Materials
    A listing of all the undergraduate and graduate courses (and related materials) that I teach at the Carleton University School of Business in Ottawa, Canada

  • International Teaching
    In addition to my professorial duties at Carleton, I am an active ambassador of the Canadian business education system. This section lists those universities that I have taught for around the world.

  • Administrative Responsibilities
    This section contains a chronological list of all the administrative committees or duties I have been involved with since I started at Carleton University in 1988.

  • Research
    A list of publications and other scholarly papers that I have authored or co-authored.
    This section also includes a listing of the thesis committees and MBA projects I have overseen.

  • Professional Activities
    This section lists boards & advisory committees to which I was appointed.

  • Private & Public Sector Experience
    A list of my employment experiences in the public sector and private sector, with details regarding the duties I was required to perform at each.

  • Contact Info
    All the required information for you to be able to get in touch with me. It also includes a map of Eastern Ontario / Upstate New York and travel times.