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Jean-Guy Godin


Research Facilities and Field Sites

Laboratory facilities for Behavioural Ecology in our Department of Biology

My Behavioural Ecology research laboratory comprises dry and wet (aquatic) research rooms. The laboratory is well equipped for maintaining freshwater fishes, recording of behaviour, video and image analyses, and computerized data analysis and modeling.
Below are some photos of my lab.
There are other facilities in the Department, used by other members of our Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Group, for research on animal behaviour and behavioural ecology.

Nesbitt Biology Building, Carleton University

Part of the Behavioural Ecology wet laboratory

Image analysis station in Behavioural Ecology lab

Student desk space in Behavioural Ecology lab


Field Research Sites

In addition to laboratory-based research, we also carry out field research using a variety of different species (mainly freshwater fishes), depending on the research questions being addressed. These field sites range from local ones, to regional ones within Canada, to distant tropical ones (e.g. in Trinidad and Costa Rica).

Here are photos of some of our field research sites and the habitats of our main study fish species.

Northern Range Mountains, Trinidad, where numerous wild populations of the guppy exist

Guppy habitat, Lower Aripo River, Trinidad

Guppy habitat, Quaré River, Trinidad

Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve station, Costa Rica

Convict cichlid habitat, Rio Cabuyo, Costa Rica

Stickleback habitat, coastal estuary,
New Brunswick, Canada

Queen's University Biological Station, Ontatio, Canada (aerial view)
The frozen Lake Opinicon is to the right and bottom

Juvenile Atlantic salmon habitat,
Little Northwest Miramichi River, New Brunswick, Canada

Patterson Lake, Ontario, Canada

Juvenile sunfish habitat
Patterson Lake, Ontario, Canada







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