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Anika Cloutier


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Jingwen Chen

Aaron Maccosham

Victoria Birch


Research Assistants



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I am often looking for bright, motivated, responsible students to work in the lab. There are both volunteer and paid positions available at various times - often volunteers will be offered paid positions when one becomes available.

Benefits to you:
You gain hands-on experience with various aspects of social psychological research. Research experience is very important when applying to many types of graduate schools. You may be able to request a letter of recommendation.

What's Involved in a Research Assistantship:
- Conducting literature searches, doing library work
- Assisting in designing studies, refining materials
- Running participants in lab studies
- Coding open-ended or interview data
- Programming web-based surveys

How to Apply:
Please email me the following:
- A resume of all experience, highlighting relevant skills
- An unofficial transcript of courses and grades to date
- An estimate of the hours per week you would be available
- Estimated start date and end date (if known)

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