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James Ron

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James Ron

Associate Professor, Norman Paterson School for International Affairs, Ottawa

portrateJames Ron earned a PhD in sociology from U.C. Berkeley in 1999, and joined Carleton University's Norman Paterson School for International Affairs in early 2006. Prior to that, he held a Canada Research Chair in Conflict & Human Rights at McGill University (2001-06), and was Assistant Professor of Sociology & Political Science at Johns Hopkins University (1999-01).

Ron was born in the US and raised in Israel. In 1985, he was drafted for three years into the Israeli military. The experience provided him with material for much of his early writing, as well as an enduring mistrust of ideology, authority, militaries, and masculinities.

Ron later worked for the Associated Press in Jerusalem, and for Human Rights Watch in Palestine, Turkey, Nigeria, Russia, Central Asia, and Albania. He has also consulted for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Bosnia, and for CARE in Africa. Since arriving in Ottawa, Ron has done applied policy research with support from several Canadian government agencies.

Ron publishes in scholarly venues and popular newspapers. His book on state violence in Serbia and Israel appeared in 2003, and he is now working on a second book dealing with rights-based organizations in the global South (click here for details). In addition, Ron is working with colleagues on statistical analyses of human rights reporting by NGOs and the media.

In years past, he published on militias and oil in Africa, terrorism in Peru, and the organizational dynamics of humanitarian aid.

After his son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009, Ron began working with Canadian and Indian physicians to study the condition's management in resource-poor settings. He also raises funds for the Dream Trust, an Indian medical charity.

Ron lives in Ottawa - the second coldest national capital in the world - with his wife, Emma Naughton, and their two children, Tessa and Sacha Naughton-Ron.

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