Carleton University Happiness Laboratory
Welcome to the 'happy lab' page!
We study a variety of topics that are related, in some way, to personality and well-being. This includes examining the correlates of happiness, as well as the basic processes (e.g., cognitive and emotional) underlying important individual differences. For example, current projects include:
    •    examining how personality contributes to differences in emotional experience and regulation of emotions.
    •    examining nature and people’s subjective connection with nature and how these relate to environmentally responsible behaviour and well-being. This includes, but is not limited to, the individual difference nature relatedness (follow the link for our scale).
    •    examining why people act more or less sociable (extraverted), and the cognitive and emotional consequences of this variation in behaviour.
   •    examining how emotion states (e.g., sadness & joy) and personality traits (e.g., extraversion & conscientiousness) influence perception, judgments, memory, and other cognitive processes.
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Director: Dr. John Zelenski
Department of Psychology
6111 HCI Building