Welcome to the 'happy lab' page! 

We study a variety of topics that are all related, in some way, to the psychology of well-being and personality. This includes examining the correlates of happiness, as well as the basic processes (e.g., cognitive, emotional) underlying important individual differences. For example, recent projects include:

  • examining why people act more or less sociable or extraverted, and the cognitive and emotional consequences of this variation in behaviour.
  • examining how personality traits like conscientiousness and openness influence memory for trait-realted content.
  • examining the links among introversion, openness, imagination, introspection, and other cognitive processes. 
  • examining how being exposed to nature influences goals, cooperation, cognitive performance, and moods. 
  • examining how individual’s subjective connection with nature, or nature relatedness, is associated with environmentally responsible behaviour and well-being. 
  • large scale, international collaborations on emotions, and to help assess and improve the replicability of psychological science. 

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mail:  Department of Psychology,  Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, CANADA K1S 5B6 
email: john_zelenski@carleton.ca * PHONE: (613) 520-2600 EXT. 1609 * FAX: (613) 520-3667 * Twitter: @john_M_Zelenski