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Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Arrest: Life in Limbo

A volume of Experimental Biology Reviews

Edited by: Kenneth B. Storey

BIOS Scientific Publishers, Oxford, UK 2001, 199 pp.

Chapters in this book arose from lectures presented at the 2000 meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology in Cambridge, UK, July 31-August 2.



Chapter 1. Turning down the fires of life: metabolic regulation of hibernation and estivation. pp. 1-21. Manuscript

Kenneth B. Storey


Chapter 2. Hibernation, a state of natural tolerance to profound reduction in organ blood flow and oxygen delivery capacity. pp. 23-42.

Richard M. McCarron, Donna G. Sieckmann, Erik Z. Yu, Kai Frerichs and John M. Hallenbeck


Chapter 3. The ATP-sensitive potassium channel: a metabolic sensor. pp. 43-58.

Frances M. Ashcroft and Stefan Trapp


Chapter 4. Mitochondrial proton leak in metabolic depression. pp. 59-77.

Martin D. Brand, Robert G. Boutilier, Mark Wass, Julie St-Pierre and Tammie Bishop


Chapter 5. The hypoxic brain: suppressing energy-expensive membrane functions by regulation of receptors and ion channels. pp. 77-102.

Philip E. Bickler, Paul H. Donohoe and Leslie T. Buck


Chapter 6. Anoxia survival and metabolic arrest in the turtle. pp. 103-114.

Donald C. Jackson


Chapter 7. Thermostasis in hypoxic animals. pp. 115-127.

Stephen C. Wood


Chapter 8. Cellular interactions between respiration and thermoregulation: the paramecium. pp. 129-142.

Gary Malvin


Chapter 9. Coupling of stress-induced gene expression with growth arrest in budding yeast. pp. 143-154.

Helmut Ruis


Chapter 10. Time for a rest: programmed diapause in insects. pp. 155-169.

David L. Denlinger


11. Do stress proteins protect embryos during metabolic arrest and diapause? pp. 169-186.

Thomas H. MacRae


12. Molecular mechanisms of desiccation tolerance in plants. pp. 187-196.

Dorothea Bartels