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Découverte VIDEO, Radio-Canada, March 11, 2007 “L’hibernation”. En français. Certains grenouilles ont une capacité extraordinaire – ils gèlent et dégèlent pour survivre pendent l’hiver.   **Excellent pictures of a thawing frog** (note if the link fails, go to the main Découverte site at and use the search mode to find the Mar 11 show and pick the L’hibernation segment)

Discovery Channel, Daily Planet interview: watch the VIDEO, Jan 9, 2007 ”Melted frog-sicles”. About effects of warm winter on animals that need to have a prolonged winter cold period to allow their fuel supplies to stretch to spring.

Discovery Channel, Daily Planet interview: watch the VIDEO, May 3, 2006 ”Frog-sicles set to thaw”

Scientific American Frontiers, show 704 Going to Extremes, segment ”Frozen alive”. Feb 19, 1997. Watch the VIDEO


Magazines and Newspapers

CBC news online: Warm winter could hurt hibernating animals. January 5, 2007. 

News features from Ken’s plenary lecture at the International Congress of Human Genetics meeting in Brisbane, Australia, August 2006. Press release

Description: bjo-eyeAn Icy Stare”– wood frog frozen eyes. A popular commentary in the British Journal of Opthamology  Vol. 89, pp. 1236 (2005)

Type 1 diabetes – a link to Ice Age cold tolerance
      Abstract from full article in Medical Hypotheses; NY Times article, May 2005

”Frozen frog may give docs jump on human transplants.” National Geographic News article, March 2005

Discover magazine, “Waking from a dead sleep”. February 2005, p. 20-21.

Cryopreservation feature article with pictures, Washington Post, Dec. 2004.     Text only version reprinted from the Seattle Times.

Frozen frogs”, The Leader magazine, Scouts Canada, 2004
"Seeking Life in the Deep Freeze" Ottawa Citizen, 2003
The Big Freeze  Canadian Wildlife, winter 2003
Wood Frogs on Ice - California Wild magazine, 2001

FROZEN ALIVE - pictures and information about frozen frogs from NatureNorthZine   
Wood frogs in the classroom and rearing tadpoles from NatureNorthZine

Frozen frogs at the San Francisco Exploratorium



Making Humans Hibernate
CBC radio interview on Quirks and Quarks, Feb. 2006
    - text outline as well as link to the full audio interview

Magazines and Newspapers

CBC news online: Warm winter could hurt hibernating animals. January 5, 2007. 

Hydrogen sulfide induces metabolic arrest
   US News & World Report article,  May 2005

"Squirrels Help to Store Organs" London Times, 2000



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"Ice Hunt", a James Rollins novel - excerpt

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WOOD FROG FICTION                       View PDF

“A Story for Ken Storey” by Julia Sharma, McGill University, 2004


"A Wood Frog’s Life", by John Himmelman, 1998

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"Lizards, Frogs and Polliwogs", by Douglas Florian (2001)

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"I am a frozen frogsicle.
I froze beneath a logsicle.
My mind is in a fogsicle
Inside this icy bogsicle.
My temperature is ten degrees.
I froze my nose, my toes, my knees.
But I don't care, I feel at ease,
For I am full of antifreeze."

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