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Environmental Stress and Gene Regulation

A volume of Experimental Biology Reviews

Edited by: Kenneth B. Storey

BIOS Scientific Publishers, Oxford, UK 1999

Chapters in this book arose from lectures presented at the 1998 meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology in York, UK, March 23-27.



Chapter 1. Stress-induced gene expression in freeze tolerant and anoxia tolerant vertebrates. Manuscript

Kenneth B. Storey

pp. 1-23

Chapter 2. HIF-1 and the molecular response to hypoxia in mammals.

Roland H. Wenger and Max Gassmann

pp. 25- 45

Chapter 3. The role of reactive oxygen species in oxygen-dependent gene expression.

Joachim Fandrey and J. Genius

pp. 47- 60

Chapter 4. Freeze resistance strategies based on antifreeze proteins.

Peter L. Davies, Garth L. Fletcher and Choy L. Hew

pp. 61-80

Chapter 5. Environmentally induced gene expression; poikilotherm responses to cold.

Andrew Y. Gracey

pp. 81-94

Chapter 6. Temperature regulated muscle genes.

David I. O'connor, Janet M. Holmes, and Alicia El Haj

pp. 95-108

Chapter 7. Influence of cold on gene expression in mammals.

Barbara Cannon, Anders Jacobsson, and Jan Nedergaard

pp. 109-123

Chapter 8. Small heat shock proteins: in search of functions in vivo.

Robert M. Tanguay, Denis R. Joanisse, Y. Inaguma, and Sebastien Michaud

pp. 125-138

Chapter 9. Approaches to the analysis of cold induced barley genes isolated through differential screening of a cDNA library.

Monica A. Hughes, M. Alison Dunn and Anthony P. C. Brown

pp. 139-158

Chapter 10. Dying according to programme: occurrence in plant developmental processes and in response to environmental cues.

Antonio Granell

pp. 159-177


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