Group Members

Principal Investigator

Maria DeRosa
Ph. D, Carleton University 1999-2003
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology 2004-2005
Assistant Professor 2005-2010, Associate Professor 2010-present
225 Steacie Building
(613) 520-2600 x. 3844

Group Members

Erin McConnell
Ph.D. student
Project: Aptasensor development (in vivo applications)

Emily Mastronardi
Ph.D student
Project: Aptasensor development (agricultural applications)

Phepa Tsae
Ph.D. student
Project: DNA-based delivery vehicles (agricultural applications)

Eman Hassan
Ph.D. Student (visiting from INRS)
Project: DNA aptamer development (Cancer)

Annamaria Ruscito
M.Sc student
Project: Aptamer development (agricultural applications)

Xueru Zhang
Research Assistant
Project: Aptamer-polyelectrolyte films

Nadine Frost, Chemistry
M.Sc. Student
Project: Aptasensor development (agricultural applications)
Room 311 Steacie

Selvan Mohan
M.Sc. student
Project: Fate and effect of nanoparticles

Christopher Mattice
Ph.D student
Project: Aptamer-based oligonucleotide templated reactions

Ranganathan Velu
Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: DNA aptasensor development