Using DNA as a building block in nanotechnology
The first step in the rational design of novel bionanotechnology is to find the right molecular components for the task. Our group seeks to investigate the use of chemically-modified nucleic acid aptamers, single stranded DNA or RNA sequences that specifically bind to a diverse variety of targets, in biosensing and catalysis.

DeRosa Group Winter 2013

Search the Aptamerbase, a collaborative aptamer knowledge base created by the DeRosa and Dumontier groups at Carleton.






Congratulations to our recent graduates: Yasir defended his Ph.D in April and Amanda G., Tariq, and Xueru all defended their M.Sc.'s in August.
Dance your Ph.D 2011: They did it again! The DeRosa lab is a finalist for this year's contest. Check out the story.
Awards and Prizes 2011: Maria was awarded a Carleton Research Achievement award; Maureen won conference poster awards at Pacifichem and Synthetic Biology 5.0 and an oral presentation award at the CSC; Maureen, Erin, Tariq, Mike, Amanda F. and Emily have all been awarded OGS scholarships.
Welcome, Ethan!: Our newest and youngest lab member was born on April 10, 2011.
Dance your Ph.D 2010: The DeRosa lab wins the top prize for Science magazine's Dance your Ph.D contest. Watch the video:
Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation: Maria has been awarded a 2010 MRI Early Researcher Award.
Awards and Prizes 2010: Maureen won the CSC award for her oral presentation at OCCI day; Tariq was awarded an NSERC CGS scholarship and Erin and Mike have received OGS scholarships; Maureen and Elyse have received the Molecular Recognition Departmental Scholarship and Erin has received the Emmett Dunne Departmental Scholarship; Uyen won best poster on 4908 Poster Day.
CFI visit (April 23, 2010):  Industry Minister, Tony Clement and CFI executives visit our “LADDER” (Laboratory for Aptamer Discovery and for Development of Emerging Research).
NSERC Funding Results 2010:  The DeRosa lab has been awarded a 5-year Discovery grant.
TEDx 2010: Maria presented at Carleton's first TEDx event. Watch the video:
CSC 2009: Erin and Maureen have won poster prizes in the undergraduate and graduate divisions, respectively.
OMAFRA 2009: Maria and collaborators Dr. Syed Sattar (U of Ottawa) have been awarded a 2 year grant.
AARI results: Maria and collaborator Dr. Carlos Monreal (AAFC) have been awarded 4 years of funding for their "Intelligent Fertilizer" Project
Awards and Prizes 2009: Maria has been awarded a CNR Short Term Mobility Award to do research at the ISPA-CNR in Bari, Italy