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There are over 400 electronic journals of one type or another. Here is a partial list of those I find interesting, as well as some related material.


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  • Engineering and Architecture

    Architronic; The Electronic Journal of Architecture.
    "Scholarly and critical ideas about architecture, broadly defined. Gathers and disseminates articles not only of occasional but also of permanent interest. It will be a platform for both presenting and reviewing research as a journal, while providing a forum for stimulating dialogue on emerging ideas."
    The Journal of Fluids Engineering.
    Chemical Engineering Digest
    Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate Newsletter.
    Directorate of the National Science Foundation.
    Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate Reports.
    Directorate of the National Science Foundation.
    Engineering Directorate News
    Directorate of the National Science Foundation.
    Eletter on Systems, Control, & Signal Processing.
    OPEN CACSD -- Computer-Aided Control Systems Design.
    Engineering and Laboratory Notes
    OSA's newest peer-reviewed publication, "Engineering and Laboratory Notes," is now available on line. At present "Engineering and Laboratory Notes" comes out quarterly as an insert in OSA's news magazine, Optyics and Photonics News. It is being co-published quarterly on the WWW as part of OSA's home page, "OSA OpticsNet." For archival purposes such as citation, each year's collected articles are republished in the journal Applied Optics.


    Journal of Technology Education.


    LANL Physics preprints
    This may be the most succesful electronic publishing effort in the sciences. It includes a set of instructions for electronic mail access to e-Print Archives

    You might look here for an alternative, and perhaps better, entry point.

    Chemical Physics Preprint database
    The Chemical Physics Preprint Database is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for the international theoretical chemistry community.
    The American Physical Society (APS)
    has established the E-Print Forum on its home page on the World Wide Web which will serve as a temporary archive for discussions, meeting bulletins, papers, etc., concerning e-print (preprint) archives and the potential role of APS. The American Physical Society has also established a listserver, for discussion on ideas and issues pertaining to e-prints.

    listserv instructions:
    send email to: listserv@aps.org

    in the body of the message type:

    subscribe eptalk

    (from the scout report, 94/09/30).

    Arts and Social Science

    The Bryn Mawr Classical Review
    A scholarly journal on classical literature, featured in the recent article in Wired.
    "A peer-reviewed psychology journal that features what editor Stevan Harnad calls 'scholary skywriting': its scholars provide feedback on colleagues' work in formative stages" (from a recent article in Wired).


    Interpersonal Computing and Technology: An Electronic Journal for the 21st Century.

    Electronic Writings About Electronic Journals

    Tragic loss or good riddance? The impending demise of traditional scholarly journals.
    "The growth of the scholarly literature, together with the rapidly increasing power and availability of electronic technology, are creating tremendous pressures for change. The purpose of this article is to give a broad picture of these pressures and to argue that the coming changes may be abrupt."
    Post-Gutenberg Galaxy: The Fourth Revolution in the Means of Production of Knowledge
    "There have been three revolutions in the history of human thought and we are on the threshold of a fourth. The first took place hundreds of thousands of years ago when language first emerged ..."
    Implementing Peer Review on the Net: Scientific Quality Control in Scholarly Electronic Journals.
    "The Net ... offers the possibility of implementing peer review more efficiently and equitably, and of supplementing it with what is the Net's real revolutionary dimension: interactive publication in the form of open peer commentary on published work."
    What is an Electronic Journal? (Part 1 of 4), (Part 2 of 4), (Part 3 of 4), (Part 4 of 4).
    "There is considerable enthusiasm among scholars for creating purely electronic journals which can be distributed via the internet. ... In this article I would like to explore some alternative possibilities for an electronic research journal and comment on the strengths and weaknesses of these alternatives."
    About Electronic Publishing and E-Journals.
    From CICNet's Electronic Journal Archives.
    Hot Wired.
    Wired 2.10, October, 1994, has an article entitled "Goodbye, Gutenberg", on the electronic revolution in scholarly journals. It is now available from the Hot Wired Server; you may have to sign up there before you can read it.. Lets hope they fix all the wrong URL's in the on-line version.
    Stevan Harnad
    has an interesting series of articles on electronic writing and publishing.
    Report of the AAU Task Force
    on A National Strategy for Managing Scientific and Technical Information. See particularly Appendix C on models of scientific and scholarly communication, and Appendix D on the economics of scholarly communication: a working bibliography.
    Report of the AAU Task Force
    on Intellectual Property Rights in an Electronic Environment.

    Other Lists of Electronic Journals

    Many other people do a much better job at this, and keep better lists. Here are a few, as well as some journal archives. Most of the above material was cribbed from one or more of the following sources -- you should browse here if you are interested in an extensive coverage of the area.
    Directory of Electronic Journals from the Association of Research Libraries
    Now available online via gopher, this is an unrivalled source of information for high quality academic resources on the Internet. 440+ titles are listed in the current version.
    Interesting Articles
    Provided by Michael Richardson and the Journal of Conservation Ecology, this is a slightly more general set of pointers to writings on electronic journals.
    CICNet's Electronic Journal Archives.
    The holdings are designed to be a comprehensive collection of all of the public domain electronic journals currently available on the Internet. Most of the journals collected here are retrieved automatically via scripts that connect to remote sites via anonymous ftp and download files.

    Also contains a number of articles on electronic journals.

    Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara, includes list of electronic journals.
    Scholarly Communications Project.
    From the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, its goal is to pioneer in electronic communication of scholarly materials. The Scholarly Communications Project is committed to maintaining all issues of its publications online indefinitely.
    VPIEJ-L is a discussion list for electronic publishing issues, especially those related to Scholarly Electronic Journals. Topics for discussion include SGML, PostScript, and other e-journal formats; as well as software and hardware considerations for creation of, storage, and access to e-journals. Publishers, editors, technical staff, programmers, librarians, and end-users are welcome to join. One goal of the list is to provide better feedback from users to creators, so we are very interested in receiving and archival issues. This should give those of us involved in publishing an idea as to what distribution methods work and how end-users are accessing and using these publications. Current readers of and contributors to VPIEJ-L have discussed readability and screen display, copyright, and advertising (noncommercial).
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electronic Journals.
    Part of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library.

    Electronic Journals from Traditional Publishers

    Traditional publishers are starting to get interested (obviously). Here are a few that have experimental (or production) journals.
    Elsevier Science
    TULIP, The University Licensing Program, is a cooperative research project testing system for networked delivery and use of journals, performed by Elsevier Science and nine Universities in the USA.

    Associations and Organizations

    Association of Research Libraries.
    The mission of ARL is to identify and influence forces affecting the future of research libraries in the process of scholarly communication. ARL comprises the libraries that serve major North American research institutions and operates as a forum for the exchange of ideas and an agent for collective action.
    The Coalition for Networked Information.
    A joint project of the Association of Research Libraries, CAUSE, and EDUCOM, the Coalition mission is to promote the creation of and access to information resources in networked environments in order to enrich scholarship and to enhance intellectual productivity.

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