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The Tutorial Gateway


The "tutorial gateway" is a filter for a CGI-compliant HTTP server that makes it slightly easier to develop tutorial style questions and have them presented by most Web browsers. The person viewing a question can supply an answer, have that answer evaluated by the gateway, and receive a response appropriate to the answer.


Source Code

A request came pouring in, so the undocumented, unsupported, untested, unfinished, untidied Perl source code is available as an uncompressed tar file, here, or as a ZIP file, here.


Some examples of this software in action:
  • 872 Introductory Pyschology Questions (with feedback)
  • 160 Political Science Questions (American Government, no feedback)

  • Similar Things

    There are a number of similar systems around. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but you might want to also look at the following:
    A key difference is that mklesson does not require any change to the HTTP server; it pre-generates HTML files. That's necessary if the tutorial creator does not have the ability to use custom CGI scripts, but probably restricts you to true/false and multiple-choice questions.

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