Documents on The Revenue Act of 1764 And Stamp Act (1765) -- Part I
James Otis, Rights of the British Colonies Asserted
Grenville, Parliament's Right to Tax
Daniel Delay, Considerations on the Propriety of imposing Taxes..
Whately The Regulations Lately Made...

Documents on the Revenue and Stamp Acts 1764-1767 Part II
Petition from the Massachusetts House of Representatives to the House of Commons November 3,1764
Petition of the Virginia House of Burgesses to the House of Commons December 18 1764
Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions May 30, 1765
The Declarations of the Stamp Act Congress, 1765
Non-importation Agreement of New York Merchants October 31, 1765
Connecticut Resolutions on the Stamp Act December 10,1765
Lt-Gov. William Bull to the Board of Trade November 3,1765
Letter of Henny Cruger, to Henry Cruger, Sr. February 14,1766
and [To Aaron Lopez, Bristol, 1 March 1766]

Documents on the Townshend Acts and Period 1767-1770
Revenue Act of 1767 June 26, 1767
New York Suspending Act of 1767 July 2, 1767
The Circular Instruction of September 11,1767
The Circular Letter of April 21, 1768
Massachusetts Circular Letter February 11, 1768
Boston Non-Importation Agreement, August 1, 1768
Resolutions of the Boston Town Meeting September 13, 1768
Resolves of Parliament February 9,1769
Virginia Resolutions May 16,1769
Charleston non-importation agreement (22nd July 1769)
South Carolina Resolutions August 19, 1769

Documents For 1773 and the Boston Tea Party
The Philadelphia Resolutions October 16, 1773
Philadelphia Handbills
Resolves of New York Sons of Liberty, December 15, 1773

Documents for 1774: the Continental Association
Resolves of the First Continental Congress October 14,1774
The Continental Association October 20, 1774

Documents for 1775: Armed Conflict
The Earl of Dartmouth to Gov. Thomas Gage January 27, 1775
Agreement of the Ipswich, Massachusetts. Minute Men January 24, 1775
Resolutions of the Provincial Congress of Virginia March 23, 1775
Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking Up Arms July 6,1775
Royal Proclamation of Rebellion (August 23, 1775)
King's Speech to Parliament October 26, 1775
The American Prohibitory Act December 22, 1775

Documents for 1775 Part II-- Letters and Sermons
Joseph Hewes and Richard Smith to a London Mercantile Firm July31, 1775
Joseph Howe. To Samuel Johnston. July 8,1775
Joseph Hewes to Samuel Johnston December 1, 1775
John Wesley "A Calm Address to the Colonies... 1775
Anonymous, A Constitutional Reply to Wesley's Calm Address . . 1775

Documents For 1776: Independence
The Resolves And Recommendations Of Congress May 10,15, 1776
Richard Henry Lee Resolves for Independence in Congress: June 7, 1776)
Joseph Hewes To Samuel Johnston.
Jefferson's Notes of the Debates in Congress on Independence June 7,1776
John Adams to Abigail Adams July 3,1776

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