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A Web Guide to Robert Crumb

(Robert Crumb Portrait, 26kb) Hi Folks! A lot of information exists about this famous comic artist on the World Wide Web already. So my intention here is to present my list of better sites which deal with Robert Crumb. Enjoy your Search!  Peter Noël

  • Another Robert Crumb Page   - An extensive useful site, though somewhat disorganized, put together by a fan. Recently revamped in October 1999.
  • The Crumb Museum Lobby: the art of Robert Crumb  - An interesting site set up like a museum to display much of Robert’s art. Run by another fan.
  • CRUMB: The Movie   - A good site run by the Sony Corporation to promote the autobiography movie “Crumb”. Some good info. and graphics here.
  • Robert Crumb’s Characters  - The precise page from the Sony site listed above where information and graphics of Robert’s most popular characters is found. (Graphics on left are taken from here).
  • Crumb Products  - This is the official Crumb family site, which is used to promote and sell their products. (ie: comics, books, art, etc.).

(Mr. Snoid's portrait, 22kb)
Last Updated: April 25, 2002

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