My Excellent Group

My (excellent) group studies both synthetic inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry related to thin film deposition. Our main focus is on precursor design and mechanistics studies, but this leads us into many interesting avenues, including device fabrication, process design, tool building and testing, thermolysis and experimental methods design. This group has to be smart, focused and adaptable.

Inquiries can be made to Seán or directly to one of the group members by email or phone.

Summer 2015, with ironic white shirts and jeans (me in front, obvs): (from left) Dave Mandia, Weipeng Zhang, Sydney Buttera, John Grant, Pedro Mario Franco de Camargo Filho, Jenny McLeod, Goran Bacic, Monica Gill, Matt Griffiths, Sara Koponen, Peter Pallister, Peter Gordan, Eric McGlashan.

We are somehow bad at irony

Visiting Scientists
Prof. Henrik "New Guy" Pedersen is is visiting us from Linköping University in Sweden . He has several publications in the field of CVD. He will be teaching us plasma chemistry, and we will be giving him some ALD experience. Sara will be his boss, and he will be Butters' boss.
Dr. Peter "Jorge" Gordon is working on ALD processes for Astrileux, Armstrong, and Angstrom Engineering (we'll move him on to the "Bs" soon). He has several publications with our group.
PhD Candidates
Matthew "the Golden Boy" Griffiths (NSERC CGS-D) is working on metal nanoparticle and thin film deposition of group 11 metals, particularly gold. He has several publications with our group.
Sara "Supersara" Koponen (NSERC CGS-D) is working on metal nanoparticle and thin film deposition of group 11 metals, particularly copper. She will be looking at a variety of back-logged copper precursors to get started. She has a couple publications with our group.
Goran "Gorpheus" Bačić is working on CIS solar cells incorporating ALD processes and finding new ways to dope with fluorine.
MSc Candidates
Sydney "Butters" Buttera (NSERC CGS-M) is working on group 13 guanidinates to measure some thermal decomposition and volatility data. She has a couple publications with our group.
BSc Candidates
Zack "Dude Bro" Dubrawski (voluntold) is making gold precursors, old and new.
Awstin "Chubs" Chubb (4908) is working on ALD of MOF films on optical fibres for sensing purposes.
Fernanda "Killer" Akegawa Monteiro (4908) is working with Peter on etching gold nanostructures and pinning them using ALD.

Past Members

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Monica Gill (PhD Carleton 2015)

Graduates (PhD)

David "Jeggs" Mandia - is presently finishing with us, and looking for a post-doc opportuinity.
Peter "Ppal" Pallister - is a post-doc in the Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre here at Carleton.
Agnes "Beetz" Kurek - is working at Oxford Instruments in Yatton, Bristol, UK.
Jason "JC" Coyle - is a post-doc in the Ianoul Group here at Carleton.
Yamile Wasslen - is living in Seattle, Washington.

Graduates (MSc)

Weipeng "the Whiz" Zhang
Adam Wells
Julie "Stripes" Delahunt - is working for the "suspected contraband" unit for Canadian Border Services in Ottawa.
Todd "tude" Whitehorne - is a research scientist at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in Chalk River.
Amanda Kenney - is working for the Ottawa-Carleton School Board in Ottawa.
Allison "AB" Brazeau - is a research scientist at Wellington Laboratories Inc. in Guelph.

Graduates (BSc), Technicians, and Groupies

Jenny "Two-shoes" McLeod - is a graduate student in Chemistry at Queen's University at Kingston
Alex Green
Nate Cowie - is finishing an undergrad at Carleton University
Steve Holoshka
Tom Lacelle - is a technical officer at the National Research Council Canada in Ottawa.
Doug Petryk - is a Medical Technician with the Canadian Armed Forces / Forces armées canadiennes in Ottawa.
Andrew Ingold
Paul Stanish - is in graduate studies at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, ON.
Andrew Kwai - is an occasional teacher at the Ottawa Catholic School Board
Alison "McBane" Bain - is in graduate studies at the McGill University in Montreal, QC.
Andrew "Lush" Lushington - is in graduate studies at the University of Western Ontario in London, ON.
Alex Devonish - is a Regulatory Development Officer for Environment Canada in Gatineau, QC.C.
Taylor "tbip" Pigeon - is working at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa.
Chris Mamen - is a process engineer at Plasco in Ottawa.
Paul "loooongpaaauljooohnsooon" Johnson - is a post-doc at at Rice University in Houston, Texas.
Ahsan Mahmood - is in dental school at the University of Toronto in Toronto.
Matt Ward - is a Scientist at the Advanced Photon at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, IL.
Cassandra Johnson
Cassie "Porn Star" Berquist
Graydon Snider - is a post-doctoral fellow for Randall Martin at Dalhousie University in Halifax.
Maureen MacKeague - is in graduate studies at Stanford University in California.
Owen Clarkin - is in graduate studies at NRC-SIMS in Ottawa
Erin Johnson - is an associate professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Chris Rowley - is an assistant professor at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland.