My Excellent Group

My (excellent) group studies both synthetic inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry related to thin film deposition. Our main focus is on precursor design and mechanistics studies, but this leads us into many interesting avenues, including device fabrication, process design, tool building and testing, thermolysis and experimental methods design. This group has to be smart, focused and adaptable.

Inquiries can be made to Sean or directly to one of the group members by email or phone.

Summer 2014, with our Lee Valley German safety goggles: (from left) Goran Bacic, Peter Gordon, Agnes Kurek, Prof. Awesome, Sydney Buttera, Jackie Addo, Jenny Mcleod, Matt Griffiths, Peter Pallister, Dave Madia.
Peter "Jorge" Gordon (MITACS Elevate Fellow) is working for Precision Molecular , and he will be making and testing metal precursors for ALD. He has several publications with our group.
Monica "the Monticore" Gill is working on our collaboration with BASF making super-secret chemicals for super-secret applications.
Jason "the Rat" Coyle is now using ALD to tune plasmons in silver nanostructures in conjunction with the Ianoul Group . He has several publications and a patent application with our group.
PhD Candidates
Peter "PPal" Pallister (OGS Scholar) is using ss-NMR and XRF to study monolayer and multilayer depositions on high surface area substrates. He has a couple publications with our group. He is also working on secret hydrides.
Agnes "Beetz" Kurek (OGS Scholar) is trying to work out a new phosphorous-based ligand system, ideally to be employed with silver and gold chemistry. She has a bunch of publications with our group.
Dave "Jeggs" Mandia is working on fibre-optic filament interfaces on the MOSAIC project, which has already yielded quite a few publications with our group.
Matthew "the Golden Boy" Griffiths (NSERC PGS-M) is working on metal nanoparticle and thin film deposition of group 11 metals, particularly gold. He has a several publications with our group.
Master's Candidates
Sara "Supersara" Koponen (NSERC PGS-M) is working on metal nanoparticle and thin film deposition of group 11 metals, particularly copper. She will be looking at a variety of back-logged copper precursors to get started.
Weipeng "TBD" Zhang is starting on copper and gold precursor synthesis.
Goran "Gorpheus" Bacic is working on CIS solar cells incorporating ALD processes.
Sydney "Butterz" Buttera (NSERC USRA and mascot) is working on group 13 guanidinates to measure some thermal decomposition and volatility data.
Jennifer "Wee Jenny" Mcleod is working with Sara and Matt to finish up some gold CVD.
John "TBD" Grant is working with Peter and Gorpheus on thin transparent conducting oxides. He'll be in charge of electrical and work function measurements
Pedro Mario "I have too many names" Franco de Camargo Filho is helping Sara with making MOFs. So, lots of dipping and rinsing.

Past Members

Graduates (Ph.D.)

Yamile Wasslen - is working for Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association in Ottawa.

Graduates (Master's)

Julie "Stripes" Delahunt - is working for the "suspected contraband" unit for Canadian Border Services in Ottawa.
Todd Whitehorne - is in graduate studies at The University of Montreal in Montreal.
Amanda Kenney - is working for the Ottawa-Carleton School Board in Ottawa.
Allison "AB" Brazeau - is a post-doctoral fellow in the Wang group at Queen's University at Kingston.

Undergraduates, Technicians, and Groupies

Paul Stanish - is in graduate studies at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, ON.
Alison "McBane" Bain - is in graduate studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.
Andrew "Lush" Lushington - is in graduate studies at the University of Western Ontario in London, ON.
Alex Devonish - is working for Stericycle in Port Coquitlam, BC.
Taylor "tbip" Pigeon - is working at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa.
Chris Mamen - is a process engineer at Plasco in Ottawa.
Paul Johnson - is in graduate studies at McMaster University in Hamilton.
Ahsan Mahmood - is in dental school at the University of Toronto in Toronto.
Matt Ward - is a post-doctoral fellow at Cornell University in Ithaca.
Cassandra Johnson - is presently in Whitehorse, YT, according to Facebook.
Cassie Berquist - is presently in Sydney, Australia, according to Facebook.
Graydon Snider - is a post-doctoral fellow for Randall Martin at Dalhousie University in Halifax.
Maureen MacKeague - is in graduate studies at Stanford University in California.
Owen Clarkin - is in graduate studies at NRC-SIMS in Ottawa
Erin Johnson - is an assistant professor at University of California, Merced in Merced, CA
Chris Rowley - is an assistant professor at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland.