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Environmental Security

I have written a number of chapters and articles over the years that relate directly to matters of environmental security and more generally to debates about security after the cold war. My book on the topic, simply called Environmental Security is published by the University of Minnesota Press.

My second book on the topic, titled Security and Environmental Change was published in 2009 by Polity Press in Cambridge.

My more recent contributions to the discussions of environmental security include:

(Matthew Paterson and Simon Dalby) "Over a Barrel: Cultural Political Economy and "Oil Imperialism" " in Francois Debrix and Mark Lacy (eds) The Geopolitics of American Insecurity: Terror, Power and Foreign Policy. New York: Routledge, 2009.

"Environmental Change" in Paul D. Williams (ed.) Security Studies: An Introduction Oxford: Routledge 2008. 260-273.

"Geographies of Environmental Security" in Gillian Youngs and Eleonore Kofman (eds) Globalization: Theory and Practices (3rd Edition) London and New York: Continuum, 2008. 29-39.

"Security and Environment Linkages Revisited" in Hans Günter Brauch, John Grin, Czeslaw Mesjasz, Pal Dunay, Navnita Chadha Behera, Béchir Chourou, Ursula Oswald Spring, P.H. Liotta, Patricia Kameri-Mbote (eds.) Globalisation and Environmental Challenges: Reconceptualising Security in the 21st Century Berlin-Heidelberg – New York – Hong Kong – London – Milan – Paris - Tokyo: Springer-Verlag, 2008. 165-171.

"Ecology, Security, and Change in the Anthropocene" Brown Journal of World Affairs 13(2). 2007. 155-164.

“Environmental Security: Ecology or International Relations?” in Peter Stoett and Eric Laferrière (eds) International Ecopolitical Theory: Critical Approaches Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2006. 17-33. 

Security and Environment Linkages Revisited Singapore: Nanyang Technological University, Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies, State of Security and International Studies Paper No. 1. March 2006.

"Ecological Politics, Violence, and the Theme of Empire" Global Environmental Politics 4(2) 2004. pp. 1-11.

"Exorcising Malthus' Ghost: Resources and Security in Global Politics" (review essay) Geopolitics 9(1). 2004. pp. 242-254.

"Environmental Insecurities: Geopolitics, Resources and Conflict" Economic and Political Weekly 38 (48), 2003, pp. 5073-5079.

Geopolitical Identities: Arctic Ecology and Global Consumption" Geopolitics 8 (1), Special issue on "The Critical Geopolitics of Northern Europe: Identity Politics Unlimited" edited by P. Aalto, S. Dalby and V. Harle, 2003. pp. 181-203.

As my contribution to the deliberations at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development I wrote a paper on "Environmental Change and Human Security" in Isuma: Canadian Journal of Policy Research, special issue on Sustainable Development. This paper also appeared in a revised version as "Security and Ecology in the Age of Globalization" Woodrow Wilson Center Project on Environmental Change and Security Report 8, 2002.

Some of my older papers on these topics may still be of interest to students of these issues. These include:

"Threats from the South? Geopolitics, Equity and Environmental Security" in Daniel Deudney and Richard Matthew (eds) Contested Grounds: Security and Conflict in the New Environmental Politics Albany: State University of New York Press, 1999. pp. 155-185.

"Canadian National Security and Global Environmental Change" in Jim Hanson and Susan McNish (eds) Canadian Strategic Forecast 1997 -- Canada and the World; Non-Traditional Security Threats Toronto: Canadian Institute for Strategic Studies, 1997. pp. 19-40.

"Contesting an Essential Concept: Reading the Dilemmas in Contemporary Security Discourse" in Keith Krause and Michael Williams (eds) Critical Security Studies: Concepts and Cases Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, and London: Pinter, 1997. pp. 3-31.

"Security, Intelligence, The National Interest and the Global Environment" in Intelligence and National Security special issue on "Intelligence Analysis and Assessment" 10(4). 1995. pp. 175-97.

"Ecopolitical Discourse: "Environmental Security" and Political Geography" Progress in Human Geography 16(4). 1992. pp. 503-22.

"Security, Modernity, Ecology: The Dilemmas of Post-Cold War Security Discourse" Alternatives: Social Transformation and Humane Governance 17(1). 1992. pp. 95-134.

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