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Graduate Supervisions

I regularly supervise graduate students in Geography and in International Affairs on a wide range of topics and theoretical approaches. I have prepared a document entitled "DEFENCE SENSE: SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE AT AN ORAL EXAMINATION OF A RESEARCH ESSAY OR THESIS" which I feel students might find useful.

Here is a list of completed supervisions to date:

Ph.D. Dissertations:

"What is Water? The History and Crisis of a Modern Abstraction" Geography, defended 25 September 2006.

(Co-supervision with Fiona Mackenzie) "Recovering Borealia: The Social Nature of Canada's Boreal Forest" Geography, defended 17 March 2006. 

"Food Rights, Riots, Constitutions and Corruption in Zimbabwe 1997-2002: A Geographic Interpretation of the Law and Development Movement", Geography, defended 16 August, 2003.

"Ban Landmines; The social construction of the international ban on anti-personnel landmines 1991-2001", Political Science, defended 15 May, 2002.

"Taking Charge of the Bras d'Or: Ecological Politics in the Land of Fog" Geography, defended 29 June, 2001.

"The State, Elites and Organized Crime Groups" Political Science, defended 21 August, 2000.

MA Theses:

(Co-supervision with Fiona Mackenzie) "Nearby and Natural":  Towards a Differential Geography of Organic Farming in South-Eastern Ontario" Geography defended 7 June 2006. 

"Prophetic Eyes: The Theatricality of Mark Hitchcock's Apocalyptic Geopolitics" Geography, defended 3 May 2006. 

(Co-supervision with Derek Smith) "Decolonizing Geographic Information Systems" defended 7 December 2005.

(Co-supervision with Michael Jemtrud) "The Architecture(s) of Nation Building" Architecture, defended 19 May 2005.

"(In)Security: Political Identity and the Cycle of Violence" Legal Studies, defended 18 May 2005.

(Co-supervision with Ruth Phillips) "Il n'y a pas de 'Potentially Hot Issues': Paradoxes of Displaying Arab-Canadian Lands Within the Canadian Museum of Civilization after 9.11" Political Economy, defended 26 April 2005.

(Co-supervision with Fiona Mackenzie) "'Sure There's Nothing in There Only Water': Environmental Ethics in the Gisborne Lake Debate", Political Economy, defended 27 June 2003.

"As Healthy as Possible in the Circumstances" International Affairs, defended 28 April 2003.

"On Geography and Technology" Geography, defended 21 August, 2002.

"Beyond Marxian Nature Theory: Understanding and Contesting Japanese Social-Environmental Relations 1955-1985" Geography, defended 23 April, 2002.

"The Internet as Space: Shifts in Territoriality" Geography, defended 22 July, 1999

"Cartography and the Geometry of Space: Reimagining the Legacy of Claudius Ptolemy" Geography, defended 21 July, 1999

"A General Model of Refugee Migration: Home, Displacement, and Host-Related Factors in the Resettlement of Somali Refugees in Ottawa" Geography defended 7 May 1999

"Environmental Stewardship on Canadian Military Training Areas: Rhetoric or Reality?" Geography, defended, 17 September, 1998

"Inter-Group Attitudes and International Trade: A Study of Vancouver's Attitude Towards the Japanese" Geography, defended 16 September, 1998

"Environment, Security and 'Natural' Disasters: Contesting Discourses of Environmental Security" Geography, defended 19 May, 1998

"An Application of Foucault's Analytic of Power/Knowledge to the Okanagan Water Basin Study Public Involvement Program" Geography, defended 29 April, 1998. (Co-supervision with Fiona Mackenzie)

"Border Crossings: Africadia, the Caribbean, Pan-Africanism" Geography, defended 11 November, 1997.

"They've Got No Stake In Where They're At": Radical Ecology, The Fourth World and Local Identity in the Bella Coola Region" Geography, defended 15 May, 1997.

"Correlation or Causation? Environmental Scarcity and Violent Conflict: The Case Studies of South Africa and Rwanda" International Affairs, defended 19 September, 1995.

MA Research essays:

"Why Not Water? Hydronationalism and Canadian Resistance to Freshwater Exports" International Affairs, defended December 2004.

"Contesting the War on Drugs: Drug Politics and International Insecurity" International Affairs, defended April 2002

"Contested Landscapes of Power: The Political Economy of Golf Course Development in Eastern Asia" International Affairs, defended May 1999

"Nomadic Bodies and Environmental Degradation: A Lefebvrian Response to the Scarcity-Conflict Methodology" Political Economy, defended May 1999

"The Role of Intellectuals in the Press and Canadian Foreign-Policy Formulation: A Case Study" International Affairs, defended August 1998

"The Relationship Between Environmental Scarcity and Conflict in Haiti" International Affairs, defended May 1998

"Trade and Environment: A Rendezvous with the Maquiladora Assembly Plants Along the U.S./Mexico Border" International Affairs, defended November 1997

"Divine Kin: Exploring the Special Relationship Between the United States and the State of Israel' International Affairs, defended September, 1997

"Sustaining and Containing the Displaced: In Country Protection as an International Response to Refugees and Others Forcibly Displaced by Armed Conflict" International Affairs, defended, July, 1997

"The Passive Revolution in Post-Soviet Russia: A Gramscian Analysis" International Affairs, defended September, 1995

"State Sovereignty and Ethnic Identity: The Case of Mongolia and Southern Mongolia" International Affairs, defended September, 1994

"Blue Vans in Green Europe:The Determinants of Acid Rain Policy in the European Community" International Affairs, defended February, 1994

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