The Sherratt Lab maintains a number of collaborations in a broad range of fields:

Collaborators Institution Project(s)
Hans Van Gossum, Jessica Bots and Arne Iserbyt  University of Antwerp, Belgium Evolution of damselfly polymorphisms
Chris Beatty Santa Clara University, USA Tropical odonate biology
David Thompson, Ian Harvey, Phill Watts University of Liverpool, UK Population dynamics and senescence in Odonata
Adolfo Cordero University of Vigo, Spain Territoriality in Odonata
Rob Laird University of Lethbridge, Canada Evolution of senescence
Redouan and Andrea Bshary  University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland Punishment by blennies
Andrew Hull and Jim Hollinshead John Moores University, UK Ecology of British ponds
Peter Silk and Gaetan Leclair Atlantic Forestry Center, Canada Chemical ecology of Tribolium castaneum
Reuven Dukas MsMaster University, Canada Behavioural ecology of bees
Dan Franks University of York, UK Evolution of warning signals
Mike Mesterton-Gibbons Florida State University, USA Evolution of cooperation
Gilbert Roberts University of Newcastle, UK Evolution of cooperation
Graeme Ruxton University of Glasgow, UK Evolution of anti-predator defences
Mike Speed University of Liverpool, UK Evolution of anti-predator defences
Dave Wilkinson Liverpool John Moores, UK Book coauthor
John AbbottUniversity of Texas, USABiogeography of Odonata
John  SkelhornUniversity of Newcastle, UKEyespots evolution
Innes CuthillUniversity of Bristol, UKCamouflage
Jeff SkevingtonAgriculture Canada, OttawaHoverfly taxonomy and mimicry
Sophie CardinalAgriculture Canada, OttawaBee taxonomy and mimicry

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