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The different members of the Sherratt lab have a range of interests spanning evolutionary biology and ecology, mainly using insects as model organisms.  If you would like to find out more about what we do, please click the links above and to the left.


Lab news

01/01/2014 - David Kikuchi joins the lab. David Kikuchi (PhD UNC)  joined the lab on a two year NSF Fellowship where he will be developing models and testing them in collaboration with Johanna Mappes' group in Finland.  

16/10/2013 - Richard successfully defended his Ph.D.  Congrats to Richard who  completed his doctorate the same week that his eye tracking paper on disruptive coloration was published in Biology Letters. See Richard's Three Minute Thesis video of as an overview of this work.

10/09/2013 - Jennette successfully defended her M.Sc. !  Well done to Jennette and good luck teaching in Sweden.

01/08/2013 - Justin successfully defended his Ph.D. !  Well done to Justin and good luck in your new job with the Ontario government doing data analysis and policy.

15/06/2012 - Tom's work appears on the BBC Nature website!  
Tom was approached by a member of the BBC Natural History team who published a series of photos illustrating his caterpillar eyespot experiments on the BBC website.

14/05/2012 - Isabelle is awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for her MSc project!  Congratulations, Isabelle!

09/05/2012 - Jennette is awarded a Certificate of Merit from Let's Talk Science!  Jennette was given the award for her work promoting science education in Ottawa and the North West Territories.

16/04/2012 - Tom H has his first PhD thesis chapter accepted for publication at Animal Behaviour!
 Congratulations, Tom, that's one down!

30/03/2012 - The lab's Nature paper is recommended by the Faculty of 1000.  

22/03/2012 - Tom, Chris and Kevin's paper is published and the media pick it up!  
The paper is published in this week's Nature journal and received a News and Views story as well.  We were covered by the BBC, The New York Times and Science.

21/03/2012 - Tom H has his NSERC Scholarship upgraded to an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-D3)!  These awards are only given to the top-ranked doctoral candidates in Canada.

02/03/2012 - Jennette is awarded the Wyndham Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Student in Biology!  Jennette has also been nominated for the Let's Talk Science National Volunteer Award, about which she'll hear shortly.

17/02/2012 - Tom, Chris and Kevin have a paper accepted to Nature!  
The study was based on Heather Penney's MSc research.  More details to follow after the press embargo...

25/01/2012 - The Sherratt Lab hosts the "MUGS"!  The Manotick Ugly Grumpy Seniors came along to hear a bit about the work that we do and for a tour around Carleton's Biology Department.


13/01/2012 - Kevin Abbott interviewed on CTV Ottawa!
Kevin was talking about his and Tom's work on the evolution of superstition in relation to Friday 13th.

15/12/2011 - Sarah Anderson defends her Honours thesis successfully! Sarah has been working with Chris on his stormwater ponds project.

19/09/2011 - Media coverage for Chris and Tom's IQ paper!
The Washington Post blog and Scientific American both cover the story.

06/09/2011 - New MSc student!  
Isabella Letourneau has joined the lab.  She will be developing her project over the next few months.

28/07/2011 - Heather Penney defends successfully!  
'Tis the season for thesis defenses!  Heather's MSc thesis was also passed with very minor corrections.

14/07/2011 - Ian McLean defends successfully!  Ian's MSc thesis was passed with very minor corrections.  Congratulations!

10/06/2011 - Jennette Fox receives the Donald R Wiles Prize for Laboratory Demonstrators!  Jennette was selected from among dozens of other TAs in the Biology program.

07/06/2011 - Kevin Abbott and Tom Sherratt's superstition paper receives press!  
Kevin and Tom's paper on the evolution of superstition was mentioned on the Carleton homepage and in and online science article.

22/03/2011 - Chris Hassall receives the Hugh Cary Gilson Award!  
Chris has been awarded a grant from the Freshwater Biological Association in the UK to fund his work on the ecology of urban wetlands (it's been a good week so far!).

21/03/2011 - Tom Hossie awarded NSERC Scholarship!  Tom H successfully applied for a postgraduate scholarship to continue his studies in the Sherratt Lab.

03/03/2011 - The field season approaches!  
A number of lab members are getting ready to move out into the field for the summer.  Any Carleton undergraduate students are welcome to apply to help out.  Contact Tom or a particular lab member for more details.

08/12/2010 - Tom Sherratt gets teaching award!  
Tom S has been awarded a Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence Award.

01/10/2010 - Chris Hassall awarded Ontario MRI Fellowship!  Chris successfully applied for a two-year fellowship to continue his work in the lab and to explore interests in pond ecology.

18/07/2010 - New MSc student!
 Jennette Fox has joined the lab to work on polymorphisms in Nehalennia damselflies.

08/07/2010 - New website launched!  The lab group's website has been rejigged and relaunched.  There are links to the primary research interests and publications of the lab as a whole as well as those of each individual member.  All publications are linked to the article page on the journal's website (where possible).

24/06/2010 - Sherratt et al. paper in Journal of Animal Ecology is now available online!  Tom's months of wrestling with MARK have paid off and the resultant paper is now available in all its glory on the JAE website.

08/03/2010 - Laird and Sherratt paper selected by Faculty of 1000!  Tom's paper, co-authored with Rob Laird (former postdoc in Sherratt Lab and now Assistant Professor at University of Lethbridge), on the "Economics of Evolution" has been evaluated and rated as "Recommended".  The article is available here and the rating on F1000 is available here.

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