Lab members

Lab manager

Professor Tom Sherratt

Current lab members

Dr Kevin Abbott (postdoc) - Evolution of anti-predator defense
Dr Richard Webster (postdoc) - Principles of animal camouflage

Dr David Kikuchi (postdoc) - Imperfect mimicry

Mr Thomas Hossie (PhD student) - Evolution of anti-predator defense

Ms Isabelle Létourneau (Masters student) - Evolution of aging


Dr Justin Carroll (former PhD student) - Senescence in Lepidoptera

Ms Jennette Fox (MSc student) - Ecology and evolution of damselfly polymorphisms

Dr Chris Hassall (former postdoc, ) - Odonate ecology and evolution
            Now a Lecturer at Leeds University

Mr Ian McLean (former MSc student) - Adaptive suicide and death feigning
            Now planning world domination through death feigning

Ms Heather Penney (former MSc student) - Imperfect mimicry in hoverflies
            Now a Phd student in Halifax

Dr Rob Laird (former postdoc) - Evolution of senescence.  
            Now Assistant Professor at the University of Lethbridge

Dr Arash Rashed (former PhD student) - Evolution of mimicry in hoverflies
            Now a postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley

Dr Chris Beatty (former PhD student) - Evolution of warning signals
            Now an instructor at Santa Clara University

Dr Sue Lewis (former PhD student) - Population dynamics of Northern Gannet
            Now a NERC Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh

Dr Ruth Cox (former PhD student) - Population dynamics of Red Grouse
            Now a postdoc at the University of Liverpool

Ms Janice Ting (former MSc student) - Female limited polymorphisms in damselflies
            Now a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto

Mr Tim Boland (former MSc student) - Evolution of antibiotic resistance
            Now working for the Canadian Forest Service

Mr Jordan Pleet - (former Honours student) - Evolution of aposematism
            Now a MSc student at the University of Toronto

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