Canadian General Social Surveys (GSS)
Data Centre, Carleton University Library
Ottawa, Canada

In 1985, Statistics Canada initiated the General Social Survey (GSS) to cover major topics of importance. The GSS has two principal objectives: to gather data with a degree of regularity on social trends in order to monitor changes in Canadian society over time; and to provide information on specific policy issues of current or emerging interest. GSS is a continuing program.

** Please note: If a survey is listed but there is no link for it, the survey is available at the Data Centre.

  • GSS Cycle 1, 1985
  • GSS Cycle 4, 1989
  • GSS Cycle 5, 1990
  • GSS Cycle 9, 1994
  • GSS Cycle 11, 1996
  • GSS Cycle 14, 2000
    • Access to and Use of Information Communication Technology


Last Updated: April 29, 2004


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