Inari Saami, Finnish, Votic

Inari Saami is spoken by a few hundred speakers in Norther Finland. I have been working on the language since 1997. I am also interested in Finnish, and I have explored vowel harmony in Votic. Collaborators on these topics include Petter Morottaja, Diane Nelson, and Lev Blumenfeld.

Submitted. Some notes on Inari Saami syntax and morphology. With Petter Morottaja. A shorter version for this paper is under review Tamm and Vainikka (eds.) Uralic Syntax. pdf

2016. A featural paradox in Votic harmony. With Lev Blumenfeld. NLLT.
link; Pre-published draft: pdf

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2000. The Morphosyntax of Finnish Possession.
[Long, old version; a newer version appeared in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 18(3)]
ps, pdf

1995. A study of Finnish infinitives.
[Undergraduate Honor's Thesis, Brandeis University] pdf