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Graduated Students

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Hafida El Bilali - Ph.D. (2011). Holocene paleoclimate and paleoprecipitation records in ombrotrophic Mer Bleu Bog, Ottawa, Ontario and Glenwest, Northern Ireland.
Sulaiman Olagoke - M.Sc. (2010) Cenomanian-Turonian carbon isotope stratigraphy and isotopic (O,C) changes across bentonites in Western Canada (with Andreas Prokoph).
Lameed Babalola - Ph.D. (2009) Holocene paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic record of the Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, central British Columbia coast.
Melissa Watchorn - M.Sc. (2008) The paleolimnology of Haynes Lake, and Teapot Lake, Ontario: Documenting anthropogenic disturbances within Canada's largest City.

Jen Galloway - Ph.D. (2006) Post-glacial climate and vegetation in the Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, Central Coastal British Columbia.

Andrew Wigston - M.Sc. (2005) Late Holocene climate change of Frederick Sound, British Columbia, Canada

Natalia Vazquez Riveiros - M.Sc. (2006) Paleoceanographic history of the Seymour-Belize Inlet Complex, British columbia, Canada, through the last 1100 years based on foraminiferal data.

Bob Boudreau - Ph.D (2004) Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of James and Granite Lakes in the Temagami region of Northeastern Ontario: from the retreat of the Laurentide ice sheet to the present

Susann Stolze - M. Sc. (2004) A record of late Quaternary vegetation and climate change from Woods Lake, Seymour Inlet, coastal British Columbia, Canada

Alice Chang

Alice Chang - Ph.D. (2004) Ultra-high resolution sediment analysis and diatom paleoecology from Effingham Inlet, British Columbia, Canada: Implications for late holocene environmental change

Andrew Dalby - Ph.D (2002) Development of arcellaceans (thecamoebians) as paleolimnological proxies in southern New Brunswick.

Audrey Dallimore

Audrey Dallimore - Ph.D. (2001) Late Holocene geologic, oceanograhic and climate history of an anoxic Fjord: Effingham Inlet, west coast, Vancouver Island.

Robert Boudreau

Robert Boudreau M.Sc. (1999) Non-marine foraminiferal occurrences in Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba

Eduard Reinhardt

Eduard Reinhardt - Ph.D. (1996) Integrated micropaleontological and strontium isotope analysis in paleoceanographic and marine archaeological research.

Andree Blais - Ph.D. (1995) Foraminiferal biofacies and Holocene sediments from Saanich Inlet, British Columbia: implications for environmental and neotectonic research.

Diana Ozarko - M.Sc. (1995) Marsh foraminifera from Nanaimo, British Columbia: infaunal habit and taphonomic implications.

Ying Chang - M.Sc. (1994) Determination of phylogenetic relationships between foraminiferal suborders: a cladistic approach.

Karina Jonasson - M.Sc. (1994) Benthic foraminiferal distribution at Middle Valley, Juan de Fuca Ridge: a northeast Pacific hydrothermal venting site.

Juliet McDonald - M.Sc. (1992) Palynology of the triporate pollen and paleoecology of the Tertiary fossil forests of eastern Axel Heiberg Island, N.W.T., Canada.

Susan Burbidge - M.Sc. (1992) Late Quaternary benthic foraminifera of the Patton-Murray Seamount Group, Gulf of Alaska.

Post Doctoral and Visiting Researchers

Dr. Lameed Babalola - (2009-2010)
Impact of climate change on the long-term variability of the strategically important Tibbitt to Contwoyton Winter Road, Northwest Territories.

Arun Kumar

Dr. Arun Kumar - (1999 - 2001) Development of arcellaceans as proxies of climate change and utilization of dinoflagellates as paleoceanographic proxies in the NE Pacific.

Dr. Andreas Prokoph - (1998 - 2000) Complexity theory in evolution

Dr. Elvira Hallitz - Visiting Scientist (1993-1994) Foraminifera of the eastern Mediterranean




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