Introduction to Social Sciences (03.100)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

This site is the home page for the introductory, interdisciplinary course "Introduction to Social Sciences" offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Carleton University, Ottawa. You can access general course information, lecture and workshop information, as well as student work in the course by selecting the appropriate topic from the list below.

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Introduction to Social Sciences, 03.100

  1. General Course Information

  2. Workshop-Related Information

    1. Workshop Information and Assignments
    2. Weekly Workshop Information Update
    3. Summary Assignment
    4. Library Archives Assignment Information for details about the research assignment
    5. CHAT Assignment (copy of class handout)
    6. Worldwide Web Assignment
    7. Group Projects for a list of the various student groups and proposed research topics.

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    "Code", Blair and Dave


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