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As a relatively new medium for presentation, and a particularly appropriate medium for
demonstrating connections between ideas through hypertext links, the web environment
provided each individual and group with a "creative opportunity."In thissection, I
provide comments on aspects of the site which I found particularly creative or interesting.
In sum, I asked myself the question, "How did you use the web to enhance your project,
particularly through connections toother group members' workor to other relevant web
sites, as well as through aspects of the medium itself?"

This section, graded out of 5 marks (or 5% of your overall mark for the course), reflects
your use of the medium for the effective communication of ideas. This includessuch
things as:

  1. Graphics
  2. Summaries
  3. Hypertext Links
  4. Colours and backgrounds
  5. Themes

As discussed in class, I do not expect you to become an "html programmer" to complete
this project. A mark of 3 out of 5 will be assigned to pages which include at least one
appropriatepicture as well as the use of headings and font colour to make the pages more
easily readable. The final 2 marks will be awarded for additional enhancements of the web


____ out of 5

Overall Evaluation:

Group Oral Presentation _____ + Web Site Total ______ = ______ /25