APA Referencing Format Examples for 49.250

The paper you are writing for the course does not require extensive research. The purpose of the paper is to THINK.For a more detailed description of the writing assignment, see the course outline

Your writing should reflect your careful consideration of some aspect of your own lived experience (or someone else you know) and what you are learning about development. How can we make sense of our own development with the theory and research we are learning about?

As a social-scientific piece of writing, however, you will need to reference ideas which are not your own in an appropriate manner. For psychology, this means the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Below is a simple example of how to reference both a book and a journal article in APA format. For a more complete guide, see APA Style Guide

Here's the example

If you were discussing intelligence, you could write something like:

Interesting work on intelligence which supports my interpretation of the role of strategies in problem solving has been presented by Sternberg (1985) in terms of a triarchic theory of intelligence and Siegler (1988) in terms of individual differences in strategy choices.

The references for these citations would look like the following at the end of your paper:


Siegler, R.S.(1988). Individual differences in strategy choices: Good
   students, not-so-good students, and perfectionists. Child

Sternberg, R.J. (1985). Beyond IQ: A triarchic theory of human intelligence. New York: Cambridge University Press.

The first of these references is for a JOURNAL ARTICLE, the second is a BOOK. Note that only the first word is capitalized (unless following a colon) and that the title of a book is underlined (or put in italics) as is the title of a journal (not the title of the article itself). Note also that the references are in alphabetical order, not chronological (although they would be chronological within one author if you listed more than one piece of work published by that author).

These examples, will most likely cover your referencing needs for the paper. If you need more examples, see APA Style Guide

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